Dumb Questions Answer At Your Own Risk Lol Jk

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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 27

But it is a dumb question...DH thinks that because we were extremely intimate with my daughter, that is why she loves being moved all the time, sorta got used to the whole rocking motion. For those who were always ya know, being intimate, were your babies like that. And for those who weren't or never had the urge to do that, do you have calm babies. I'm very curious to see how this all turns out...told you it was dumb


excited2bemama - February 27

its all in your head!!!!!! it doesnt matter if you were being intimate or not while pregnant.. even walking creates movement in utereo.. its never still in there.... babies like rocking bouncing etc because that is how it was in utereo. My dd is calm but also loves to rock... she rocks back in forth in everything.. we had a normal s_x life while pregnant.


eclectic66 - February 27

Well, during my pregnancy there was absolutly no s_x after the first 9 weeks (yes, I know...my poor hubby)...lol and our ds is definetly not what I would consider mellow, but he is a wee bit lazy....lol


britt_m - February 27

Not a dumb question! We actually talked about this once. My dd is always wanting to move with us holding her or when she's down she rocks, she'll stop crawling and rock! So who knows, possibly!


DDT - February 27

We were intimate sparingly during my 1st pregnancy and my ds was never a mellow baby. Like excited2bemama has already said...all babies liked to be rocked.


HeavenisMine - February 27

When we hold our daughter she has to be rocked or she fusses like mad. I think most babies are that way, but I laughed when I read your question, that is so funny! Not necessarily in a bad way either.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 28

Well I told DH that some babies like it more then others...he says it was because of the intimacy. I just say it was because that was my daughters preference lol but I don't know, someone said that has very little to do with it and another said it does play a big part



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