Dumb Sayings That Are Funny To Baby

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Narcissus - October 19

Aja thinks it's funny when we say the dumbest stuff. The latest saying that he finds funny is, "Potato Chips! They're Everywhere!". --- So we run around the house exclaiming that potato chips are everywhere, lol. Do you say weird stuff like that and make your baby laugh?


chelsey - October 19

Lol! Thats hilarious! I just make an a__s out of my self making sounds and whistling etc. Although Gabe does think its pretty funny to look in the mirror and play "who's the baby?" The first couple of times I did that he just looked at me like "who do you think the baby is? idiot."


BBK ® © - October 19

Does Aja do his babytalk now? Anna gets a kick out of us smelling her feet and going "peeeheww!" She also says somehing back!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 19

LOL BBK Amaya does the same thing, she has started playing with her feet and I swear she says peehheww! She will put them up to her face and make the stinky feet face! I also think she has a complex because her daddy calles her "little fatty" and she will pout her lip out. We went to her cousins house this past weekend and she has a cousin who just turned 1 year and has learned to hit, and Amaya has picked this up she thinks its funny when someone says OUCH!!! She will laugh so hard. She also likes the word NO! We will say NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and poke her when we do and she just giggles. It is so funny!


CEM - October 19

we were at my husband's aunt's house a while back drinking wine. she brought out a bottle from spain called "gato negro". she said it in this really goofy fake spanish accent way, really rolling the "r" and jack laughed his a__s off. still does!


BBK ® © - October 19

Stephanie that's great! I heard that if "no" is the first word a girl learns, she'll be a good girl! :-)


Narcissus - October 19

"Who's the baby" sounds fun. I will try that tonight:) BBK - Aja is babbling and says "dada" now and then... He can say his name and learned "hi" when he was 3 months. Does Anna speak three languages yet? I know you have English, Greek, and Chinese in the know, might you add French and Spanish for fun?:) Anna is so cute and I am sure she will be knock-out smart. Stephanie, Amaya sounds very intelligent for such a youngster. I wish Aja would catch up. I get worried. CEM, I just tried that one on Aja but he did not buy into it. He still thinks potato chips are funny. That line came from a movie, "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles".


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 19

OK speaking of lines from a movie, We were at her granddaddys house the other day and he was telling us about going to the Clinton Library Opening last year and was talking about how they were selling ponchos (it was raining) he didnt look at sizes and a__sumed that all sizes were the same. He said he put it on and it was really small. He said he felt like the "fat guy in a little coat" off of tommy boy and actually sang that line Amaya was cracking up. She only laughs when he does it but it was really funny. She also likes the Lions Tigers and Bears OH MY!!


Chelsey - October 19

Planes, Trains and Automobiles is my all time favorite movie! I'm sure I could recite the whole movie! I know the part your talking about Narcissus...its after they burned the car and they are in the hotel room..... aaahh such a great movie!


MJM - October 19

On Tommy Boy--My daughter is 41/2 and that is her favorite movie. I know I know probably not the best thing for her to watch but what do you do. We had to litterally keep hitting back on the remote on the "Fat guy in a little coat" part, and did it at least 10 times. The kid could not stop laughing. Now when she is in a bad mood or crabby all we have to say is Faaat Guy in a little Cooaaaat.. and she busts up and she is all better. Or of course the all time trick of dont you start smiling. LOL Planes Trains and Automobiles. Man oh man that is the best. I love when he goes back to the rental agency about his Fing car. Or the part of Where is your hand ? Between 2 pillows! Those aren't pillows!!!! Wow we sure got side tracked.


Chelsey - October 19

The car rental agency? Too F*cking funny!!!! Or the part where that guys nephew and his pregnant wife show up to give them a ride? He's horking and snorting...or when they are driving down the highway the wrong way? "You're going the wrong way!!!"


MJM - October 20

All of the above. But I was talking about the f'ing rental agency. You gave me keys to a f ing car that isnt f ing there. LOL. Just the whole darn movie really. When he dries his face with the underware after washing it in sock soaked water. My god that is the best non stop laughing movie ever!!! There is just too many things to list. My daughter use to love the movie Joe Dirt also. I dont get her sometimes. She is not that into cartoons except for the new Little Einstiens on Disney. When in doubt and kid is crabby play fat guy in a little coat.


Chelsey - October 20

"I want a f*cking car, right f*cking now!" I could go on forever about that movie too! Another one of my favorite movies is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation....really all National Lampoon movies are hilarious!


Liz - October 20

Chelsey, I'm with you with the National lampoons movies. they are great and soooo funny!!


Narcissus - October 20

Tommy Boy made me laugh my a__s off. I usually do not like Cris Farley style comedy but that movie was the exception!!


To Narcissus - October 20

How come you changed you name?


? - October 21

How did she change her name?



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