Dumbest Advice Contest

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mandee25 - March 2

I thought we could have a dumbest advice contest. A former co-worker of mine saw that my son was wearing sunglasses. He is 14 weeks old. Well she commented, "My nephew wore sunglasses and ended up with real glasses." How dumb! Anyways, does anyone else have some dumb advice to share?


sahmof3 - March 2

UGH... my one SIL AND my MIL are always telling me I shouldn't try to lose weight because I will get cancer! They both had cancer (both had b___st cancer)... well, when they were each diagnosed their weights were down from what they had been previously, so instead of thinking that the weight loss was caused by the cancer (and lack of appet_te) they both a__sume that they got cancer because they were inexpicably losing weight, so now they are honestly terrified of me losing weight. I keep trying to tell them that my current weight actaully makes me MORE likely to get cancer, heart disease, diabetes.... any number of things, but they won't listen to facts!!!


bradylove - March 2

This is the dumbest comment someone ever made to me...a couple of months ago my great aunt asked me if Brady was crawling and I told her "not yet" so she says "well you know you really want to make sure he crawls, I know this lady who didn'lt crawl as a baby and now she has all these back problems and goes for therapy where they make her crawl"... Well, I had to be polite (seeing as she's my great-aunt and all) but WTF????? I wanted to laugh so hard when she said that!!


Kelly K - March 2

My husbands grandmother told us that our daughter should make her crawl before walking or she would have bow legs. Never did quite grasp that one!


Rabbits07 - March 2

Sadly, ours came from the pedi just a couple of days ago. I had called the nurse about Mason's gray, pasty poo and raw bottom and she said the dr. wanted to see him. After the dr. looked at his bottom he commented on how bad it looked. I told him it actually looked alot better that what it had the day before. He asked what I was using and I told him Bactroban, A&D and cornstarch. And he tells me to stop using the cornstarch that NO ONE uses that anymore and all it does is dry the skin. I'm thinking, ok, duh, is that not the point? Needless to say I ignored that tidbit of c___p!


AnytimeLittleone - March 2

I have a million... but the worst has to have been from my mother in law, who told me to feed my daughter less because she had "rolls of fat" on her legs. Now I ask you, what baby doesnt?


ssmith - March 2

My dd never took a bottle, and I was really trying everything I could so that ic ould pump and have dh fed her etc. My MIL said that i should try using a straw. Who ever heard of a baby drinking out of a straw?


ashtynsmom - March 2

My mom told me not to let Ashtyn stand on my lap when she was little b/c it made her bowlegged. She also told me that Ashtyn had to wear HARD sole shoes in order to not be flat footed. I asked my ped about both of these and she laughed in my face!!


Petzer - March 2

Ok, i've got some.... Don't let the baby sit on cement, he'll have hemmoriods later in life. don't tickle his feet, or he wont talk. Don't let him play alone. Don't take him outside because the air will choke him. Don't let him stand up too early or he will be bow legged. If he walks and stands before he crawls he will have developmental problems later in life. He absolutly must wear shoes all the time 9doctor said NO) etc etc etc.


Emily - March 2

I have one that I thought was the silliest advice ever, but you know what it worked! My fisrt dd had a blocked tear duct. The doc told us if it didn't go away by age of 6 mos we would have to see the eye doc to have it fixed. (my sister had this done and my mom said she screamed.) I did not want to put Mary through that and didn’t' want to wait 6 mos for my baby to stop waking up with her eyes matted shut. So my dh grandmother told me to put some b___stmilk in her eye after each feeding. I thought she was nuts. But in a sleep dreprived state one night I tried it cause I was despreate and did I mention sleep deprived? In the mornign I thought it looked a little better, but it could be my imgination, but I continued to put bm on it anyway, what would it hurt? Well it worked! I could not believe it. Mary and Marcy both were born int eh summer so they spent a lot of their first days in ones and little socks. (thin socks so they would not get too hot) my grandmother hada fit that I did not have them wraped up. She didn't care that Mary always kicked until the blanket was off and then went back to sleep. They take after their daddy and get so hot. I always had a blanket or two with me so I could nurse in public or cover their carrier with it to block out sun or keep people from bothering them when they slept and of course if we were somewhere they had the air on high and it was cold. But whenever my grandma was around, when I handed my baby over so she could hold her, I always pa__sed a blanket too…..


jenrodel - March 2

My MIL told me to give ds SCOTCH in his milk to help him sleep!! Then my FIL said no, no... you're supposed to use GIN. OMG!!!


Erynn21 - March 2

I got the same advice as ashtynsmom from my grandma, don't let your dd stand on your lap she'll be bowlegged. Also if I repet_tvely say hi to her she'll say hi back, she's not even 6 months. My grandma is so dumb.


KLC - March 2

I think my favorite piece of dumb advice was from my father in law who told me that you should never give a baby a binky and if you did and needed to break them from using one you should just dip it into mola__ses and then the baby will spit it out because of the taste. What an idiot.


CyndiG - March 2

My dh grandmother told me when my dd was born, in July no doubt, that I had to keep her inside because the wind would give her a bellyache. I still laugh about that 8 years later!


Emily - March 2

My grandmother was apalled that I put Mary on her back to sleep. She was afriad she would choke....


bradylove - March 2

Oh I just thought of another...MIL told me that if Brady was sleeping all day and awake all night that I had to flip him (head to foot) around in his bed so he would get his days and nights straightened out. Still not sure how that would work?? lmao!


sahmof3 - March 2

Emily... my kids DID choke on their backs as newborns! They would spit up and choke and wouldn't be able to breathe until I sat them up. I had to have them sleep in their carseats for the first 6 weeks. Well, actually that only happened to my older two.... I didn't even try putting Justin to sleep on his back- he went right to the carseat sleeping.



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