Ear Infection

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Lillie E - February 10

last night my mom took my son and watched him over night. i'm going to be out of town this weekend with him, so i figured it was a good time for his grandparents to see him and for me to get cleaning and packing done. when i went to pick him up this morning my mom said that he didn't sleep more then a half an hour at a time last night. He's usually fine over there and sleeps just as he would here at home. She said that she was holding him and rocking him and he calmed down, then she kissed his ear and he FLIPPED out! she said she thinks it might be an ear infection... i don't know if i should take him to the doc or what because our insurance has a copay to where we have to pay up to 1200 before it kicks in and we can't afford it, and we're still paying on bills from when i took him in with blood in his stool. my younger brother had a really bad ear infection when he was a baby and it caused him to have problems with his speech. we're also leaving town this afternoon and i just don't know what to do.


Barb - February 10

hmmm....does he have any other symptoms? fever? pulling at his ear? is he crabby during the day?? if not...he could have just been missing his mommy...even though he's farmiliar with your mom's place , it's still was "out of the ordinary" to be there....how old is he??


C - February 10

How does he seem now that he's home with you? Did you try to kiss his ear and see if he has the same reaction. My son had a double ear infection once and he also had a runny nose and a cold. He did also pull at his ear and would wake up at night. I had taken him the one day for the cold and the doctor said it was just a virus and no ear infections. I went back for a follow up because he seemed to be getting worse and that's when the ear infections were apparant. I personally take my son to the doctor's office more than necessary but I'm always afraid if I don't and something is really wrong (like what happened to your brother) I'd never forgive myself. Keep an eye on him and you can always make payments to a docor's office if you do need to take him after all.


ra - February 11

have you ever been kissed in your ear? have your man kiss your ear, it leaves a loud ringing sound in your ear. maybe it was just that. Im not saying it cant be an ear infection, but something else could be wrong. I hate being kissed on my ear, my bf use to do it all the time till i started doing it to him, it does hurt. ALOT.


Kerry - February 11

Is he teething? I just took my girl to doc she has a cold and was pulling on her ear as well as crying if we touched it. Doc said no infection but when they get a cold the glands behind the ear get sensitive as well she is teething and doc said babys are not sure where the pain is coming from it may be their jaw and they touch their ear.


Liz - February 12

Kerry I too just had the same problem you did. I was pretty certain that my daughter had an ear infection and brought her to the doctors yesterday and she too also had some what of a cold and has been miserable for the past while and she just got a tooth in a week ago and has been in pain. but the doctor told me that it was an ear infection that she was just rubbing her ear for comfort.. and that she would need pain reliver for teething and to give her cold medicine every 4 hrs.. I feel so horrible for her becuase she's sick and teething and has a little bit of rash from the diahrea she's been having??


Kerry - February 12

Liz I know what you mean I too feel bad you just want to fix whats wrong my girl is getting better now but still having a tough time with a tooth.


Kerry - February 15

Okay today i took my girl to my regular family doc as she was still pulling at her ear even though last week we went to walk in clinic and the doc there said no ear infection today my doc said that hailey has alot of wax in her ear ( not a bad thing) but it makes it harder to tell if there is an infection present so she gave me some amoxicillan for it and she has a cough from her cold so she said dimeatap for infants it helps with running nose to so I'm feeling much better about it.So between all of this and her teething were off to a great week ARG!!!


EM - February 15

Saturday we rushed my son over to the children's clinic because he was burning up. We don't have any relieable thermometers so I don't know how high the fever was but he was hotter then I've ever felt him. He has been fighting a cold and possibly RSV or bronchitis or asthma (they really don't know). Well, he always has lots of wax in his ears as well and we were happy our ped was on call because she is the only one who takes the time to dig the wax out to get a better look and the poor baby had infections in BOTH ears! It was 3 hours after the Motrin and he still had 102.2 temp!!! How scary. He had an ear infection a few months before where his eardrum actually burst! Hope we're not in for chronic infections.


Kerry - February 16

EM I hope all goes well it is so fustrating when you know something is just not right and the docs don't take the time to listen I thank god my doc is great and really checks all possibilitys.


EM - February 16

We've decided that unless its a real emergency like that high fever, we will only take him to our pediatrician who is so great she actually called me on a holiday weekend to tell me she did research on the genetic condition my husband carries and talked to specialists for us. The clinic we go to has seven docs. Joey is doing much better thanks!



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