Ear Infection

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Canada - April 14

My little girl has been sick for the last couple of weeks. It started out with a cough and high fever and now it has moved to her ears. I went to the doctor last week and they gave me a perscription for antibiotics, but said to wait a day or two to see if she improved before giving them. Well, her fever and cough went away, but her ears are still bothering her. I want to try and stay away from giving her antibiotics if at all possible so we've been doing a little home remedy stuff. Her ears still have a lot of fluid coming out of them and bother her at night. Does anybody know if it is harmful to wait a little longer to see if they get better on their own? Any advice on remedies? This is her first ear infection so I don't know a ton about them. Thanks.


Malica - April 14

I can't answer your question, sorry, but do make sure when you're discussing treatment options with your doctor you tell him/her that you want to avoid antibiotics so that the two of you can work together not against each other as you seem to be now. Many doctors are now cautious against over-prescribing antibiotics and share your philosophy about them.


Canada - April 15

Well we were going to go with the antibiotics today if things weren't looking good, but her ears look way better today and don't seem to be bothering her. There's no fluid coming out today so I guess we'll hold off.


Bridget - April 15

Hi, since going to a homeopathic doc, my son hasn't had anymore ear infections or been on antibiotics at all, over a year (he is 2.2 now). He is on a maintenance remedy 3x a week and it has even proved helpful with airbourne allergies, which he has. There are also eardrops to use when he gets a cold to prevent it from becoming an ear infection. They have pulsatilla and garlic oil in them and all I can say is that they seem to work since he's been antibiotiv free for so long now. Look up pulsatilla, there is lots of info on it.



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