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Bridget - March 14

My 13 month old son is on his 4th ear infection and I am sad for him and desperate to find something besides antibiotics that can help him, preferably an herbal supplement that can bost his immune system or at least keep him comfortable. I feel like a drug dealer--between the antibiotics (for the ear inf and colds) and the Albuterol for wheezing from the colds and the Tylenol and Motrin and my ped just suggested an inhaled steroid (he doesn't even have asthma) I'm going nuts and I am planning to go to a homeopathic doctor soon. The ped even wants to put him on antibiotics for a month as a PREVENTIVE for an ear inf because he still has fluid behind his eardrum and she thinks he should take it until it drains. I guess part of this is just wanting to vent but has anyone had any good experiences with a homeopathic doctor or in any way addressed ear infections besides antibiotics?


CyndiG - March 14

My dd had ear infections when she was small. One right after the other. Her dr kept giving different antibiotics like that was the only solution. Finally, her dr moved and I had to switch dr's. That was the best thing I ever did! He immediately said, this is ridiculous that this kid has suffered this long! By that time she was 4 years old almost 5! I know they say they outgrow it, but she didn't. He sent me to a ear nose and throat dr, and we had tubes put in her ears. I was terrified at the thought! But she had been through so much. The entire process of putting them in took literally an hour! There was no needles, they gave her a medicine to drink that made her relax and loopy before they took her from me, then they put her to sleep with gas. The actual procedure was done in less than 15 minutes. The worst was after, while she was waking up. She started throwing up (which I also do with anesthesia). But after that, we came home, put her to bed for a couple of hours and she was up and back to normal. She is 8 now, and she hasn't had 1 ear infection! One tube has come out, and the other is still in. I swear I would recommend it to anyone! It's not a hollistic option but for us, it was the only one! I hope you find the best solution for you guys! I know that's miserable! Good Luck!


LisaB - March 14

I have a friend who uses a chripracter for ear infections. 1 out of 5 ear infections she will treat will antibiotics the rest the chiro adjusts her dd and shes doing great. Prevented her from getting tubes. I think mccathernine uses a chori also


Bridget - March 19

Thanks, it's good to know that some one has some luck with something besides antibiotics. I know they are a Godsend and very useful but my LO has been on more in the last 4 months (4 different ones 5 or 6 times) than I have in the last 10 years!!! The doc has mentioned tubes (my brother had them as a kid and I don't really remember if they helped him) but it sounds like they helped your daughter a lot. I have been nervous about him being put under sedation so young but I suppose they do it all the time. I will see how the homeopath works and go from there. They are highly recommended by several parents on a local parent's website I belong to and I'm hoping that many people can't possibly be talking out their "ears". hahaha.If anything helps, I'll be the first to share it here because ear infections are so awful! Thanks a lot for your responses.


Kara H. - March 19

I would definitely ask for a referral to an ear nose and throat specialist. There are a couple in our area that also specialize in allergy treament as well, which I bet is the case with your lo. Allergies can certainly be a year round thing and cause ear infections upper respitory issues and asthma. I definitely think it is time for you to at least hear what a ENT has to say. Wouldn't it be nice to just give your lo allergy medication and watch all is other meds become a thing of the past?


Bridget - March 19

That's a good idea too, Kara. I live in an area (SF Bay Area) where allergies are very bad for some. I grew up on the East coast and my allergies are MUCH worse here, as are my husband's. Gogh, I bet that is at the root of it all, the constant fluid in my DS's ears(every time ANY doctor looks). I hope there is an allergy med safe to give a 13 month old, though. There must be something! I'm going to grill his regular ped tomorrow on his well baby checkup and he sees the homeopath the next day. We WILL get to the bottom of this, LOL.


Kara H. - March 19

A friend of mines lo had allergy testing done. They found out he was allergic to mold, dustmites, gra__s and tree pollen. Turns out there were some food allergies contributing to the problem as well. I know they removed some foods from his diet and he is also on a liquid allergy medicine - I think its Zyrtec, but don't quote me on that...


ashtynsmom - March 19

My dd had MANY ear infections her 1st year, and her ped suggested allergy medicine- she also had a chronic runny nose. She is now on Singuair granules ( you put them in her juice or cereal or applesauce). She has not had an ear infection or runny nose since!


melissa g. - March 19

i would go see an ENT, and you might want to look into getting tubes. 4 ear infections in one yr is too many. That many rounds of antibiotics would make me crazy! Dont do it -- seek alternative help or a second opinion.


torbman - March 19

All 3 of my kids had ear infections and had enough of antibiotics myself. I swear by the chiropractor. The ears are not draining properly therefore getting an ear infection. When you take them to the chiropractor they can adjust them and the fluid can drain. I take the kids about once every 3 months to make sure they are adjusted. Most benefits will cover them or at least a percentage, and really if you can get away without surgery....then why wouldn't you. Hope this helps



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