Ear Infection Or Teething

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Dani aka Kamries mommy - March 14

Well, about a week and a half ago I took Kamrie to the doc because she was pulling on her ear. The 2 times before when she did this it was an ear infection. Well, her doc said that her ears looked fine and she was probably just teething. She stopped doing it a few days later and started again last night. I don't see any bumps or redness on her gums. How do I know if it is an ear infection or if she is just teething. I will feel silly if I take her again and they tell me the same thing. Thanks.


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 14

Don't ever feel silly. You are a mother.....that will always make you worry about every little thing. But sounds like a ear infection to me. Is she running a fever or anything? My daughter never messed with her ears when she is teething.


Dani aka Kamries mommy - March 14

She had a slight fever last night nothing major though. I went ahead and made an appt


Shelly - March 14

In doubt always make an appointment.thats what they are there for.Knock onwood,but Jesse hasn't had any ear infections,but I can tell that when he is teething he will pull on his ear.


natalia - March 14

How about when he rubs / scratches his ear? My son does this all the time, one side of his ears is always red from him rubbing it. Pls tell me thats not a sign of ear infection..


jg - March 14

I took my son to the Dr today as he has a littl rash under his eye (nothing to worry about Dr says), and while I was there I asked about his ears. Normally he sleeps right through every night, but for the last two nights he has woken up SCREAMING for over an hour each time, and is strongly tugging on his ears. He has become grizzly through the day and pulls and pulls at his ears. The Dr checked them out and said they both looked fine and it is probably just the teething (it does look like the top two have just broken through). But when I went to the chemist to see if there was anything else I could do to relieve the pain, the pharmacist said that it sounded like an inner ear infection which is not detectable by the little microscope thingy, and to take him back in two days if he still experiences the same symptoms. So now I'm really worried! So I'm in the same boat as you Dani. Let's hope it really is just teething, for both our bubs!!!!


Dani aka Kamries mommy - March 15

Well, I took her to the doc and she said that she was just teething. Thank goodness.


jg - March 15

Well Elijah slept through last night and woke up happy and cheerful, so hopefully we are both in luck!


C - March 17

My son has had ear infections twice and they both followed a nasty cold. He does pull on his ears other times and his ears were fine. I also could tell because he started waking up at night and he never does this normally. He had 8 teeth b4 his first ear infection and this never affected his sleeping pattern. What I usually do is wait 3 days and if the cold/symptoms are getting worse then I take him in. If I go any sooner, I always have to make a second trip because it's too early.



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