Ear Peircing

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January - December 20

I would like to get dd ears peirced while still an infant.. how many of you have done it, how'd they react, how old were they, any problems, and what kind of place did you have it done at? Thanks for the input.


staci - December 20

Jan I'm wondering the same thing!


January - December 20

Hi Staci! I just think it's sooooo cute!! Hope we get some answers :)


Kims_new_belly - December 20

Hi I just got my daughters ears pierced last month when she was 8 months. I actually would recommend to do it sooner around 6 months,,,She moves around alot now!!!!..They healed so fast also..she did cry for a bit....but I'm glad I did it now instead of when she gets older....there are a lot of other experiences we can share together besides ear piercing when she gets older....I had her ears pierced at a childrens salon called beaners......if you do choose to do it...just make sure you ask for someone with quite a bit of experience peircing and also piercing infants........,,,,


nounou159 - December 21

Hi ladies,i got my daughter's ears pierced when she is 1 month old and i did it her doctor's office,she cries a little bit but after that she is fine,the doctor tolled me to wipe her ears with alcohol wipes for a month but i just wipe them for 10 or 15 days and after i see that there is no need to wipe it any more...i know may be you see that its too early to pierce her when she is one month but actually that our tradition,my mum pierced my ears in my first day same as my sister but i didn't find here(USA) someone to do it for me in the first day,and by the way in the first day the baby don't feel anything....my daughter now is 9 month and she very cute with the earings


excited2bemama - December 21

We went to claires.. dd was 3 months old... Around here (us) they have to have had their 2 month shots to get their ears peirced.. I asked the lady if she had doen lots of babies before and she had. Dd cried because you have to hold her head still but I honestly don't think she felt the ear gun thingie.. she cried WAYYYYY more when she got her shots. She cried for her ears for like 20 sec.. I would recommend doing it around 3 months because at this age they can't grab yet so I didn't have to worry about her grabbed them!!! She is 6 months now and they look so cute!!


sunniesmile - December 21

great post - i have been wandering the same thing...do you think there is a numbing cream i can put on her ears before she gets them done...i saw it on oprah when she pierced her ears - she used a numbing cream like 20 mins before...my ped. also said she was cool with claires..she said they open the package infront of you so it's all clean ...



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