Ear Piercing

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Deb - January 24

Just wondering if any of you have your dd's ears pierced and if so, how old was she when you got it done? Did you use a numbing cream? How did she react to it? Thanks in advance, ladies!!!


BriannasMummy - January 24

I had my first dd's ears pierced when she was 5 months old. One day I woke up.. and she had ate them. So we got them done again when she was 11 months old.. they are still pierced.. Both times she cried for only seconds and then she was all done. I hope to get Ka__sidys done when she is old enough, we have to wait for her 2 month needles to be done. I want to get it done earlier then 5 months this time.. i have better chances she wont eat them! ~Kristin~


HannahBaby - January 24

My daughter was 8 weeks old when i pierced her ears. (right after her shots) I waited until she was good and hungry. Sat down and fed her a bottle while they did it. She didnt cry, never messed with them and never had an infection. I would go for it


HEATHER - January 24

my dd is now almost 17 months and we did hers at 2.5 months, I made sure I paid before hand. and then as soon as they were done I found the nearest chair and put her to my b___b and seh was content right away. I did give some tylenol about 30 min before though. Never had any issues, well I learned not to give her the crochet blankets people had given her!!!!


San - January 24

I got Zoes done when she was 9 mths. She had quite the crowd gathering around to see and she cried for literally 5 seconds while everyone gasped then started laughing. She's 2 now and there's been no problems with them at all. Hannah is just over 7 mths soI guess it'll be her turn soon, I hope she's as good as her big sis about it :)


Rhiannon - January 24

I got my twin girls done at 3 months. The numbing agent is called emla and you can ask for it in any pharmacy. They cried for about 10 seconds and we have had no problems at all.


Brittany - January 24

I got my dd's at 4 months. It's recommended for an infant to have their first shots (DTaP) since teta__s is a big thing with ear piercing. It was great getting hers done early because she didn't have control of her arms and she can't pull on them, she'll learn to grow with them and forget they're there...which she has. I cleaned them myself and she hasn't had any problems with them. I got mine when I was 7 years old and I never cleaned them and played with them and they got infected, I have no regrets getting my daughters done so early and if she doesn't like them, she can always take them out. She cried for a few seconds for the first ear and whimpered for the second, I gave her a pacifier and she acted like nothing happened. We got hers pierced one at a time so they would be symetrical. It's so girly and feminine and she gets so many compliments already!


Brittany - January 24

also forgot to add, I heard 14k gold b___s are the best because the prongs on studs could get caught on clothes and other items.


Felisha - January 24

not meaning to start a debate but why would a mom put holes in her daughters ears so very young. i am just curious of what makes mothers do this of why they want to pierce a babies ears?


Brittany - January 24

because their daughter is going to want it anyway. Why not do it younger when she won't remember it and the parent can handle the cleaning process. People are going to do things, no one else is going to stop them, thats what makes us all unique. People will have their opinions but their opinions don't hurt me. If you didn't want to start a debate, you wouldn't have opened this thread since your against it. I'm not debating, I'm just giving my opinion just like you gave yours. To everyone their own, ya know?


SuzieQ - January 24

I thought about having my dd's ears pierced, but have decided against it. I figure when she's old enough to want to have it done, then we'll get them done. I know she'll feel it then, but I also want her to have that decision to herself. Also, I really am against the piercing guns that are used in most shops. Unless it's done in a piercing studio with a long needle, the guns simply cannot be properly sterilized. Not all of the components are metal, so they can't be put in an autoclave, which is used for surgical items as well. Anyways, interesting topic!


pinkbo0tlace - January 24

I just got Haylie Elizabeth's ears pierced last Friday with 14K gold b___s. She is 2. She did really good :) She only cried for a moment.


BriannasMummy - January 24

When I was 3 my mom decided to get mine done.. they got the first one in and I was shocked . I bolted for the door. My mom had to promise me to buy ne thing in the store to get the second one done. Also.. I was an ear peircing girl at a small boutique. The gun was entirely medal and was sterilized between each piercing. All of the earrings were in presterilized packaging before we used them. ~Kristin~


Felisha - January 24

like i said i was not trying to start a debate i just wanted to know mother reasoning for piercing ears you dont have to get rude on me. i never said i though it was wrong i just wanted to know WHY dont put words in my mouth


K8 - January 24

Hey Deb im gonna wait untill Heidi asks for them (figure it will give me some bribe power down the track ha ha ) but i do know heaps whove had their los ears done and they said its good to do it young so they dont play with them and pull at them. Ok see you in the safe room :)


lindsay - January 24

lexi was 1 week shy of 3 months old...just went for it, she cried not even 30 seconds after each one, pa__sed out, and haven't had a single problem since!


aurorabunny - January 24

I think Felisha was just trying to ask a question...I usually try to stay out of anything that turns into arguing but I am also curious as to why anyone would want to do this?? Just asking.



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