Easter Plans

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piratesmermaid - March 6

I was inspired by Cassie06's thread about Easter gifts. :D I love Easter, even better than Christmas, but I don't know what kind of activities our (then) 9month old will be interested in. At what age did you introduce the egg hunt (no matter how easy)? ANd besides the egg hunt, what other Easter-y activities can we do with our 9month old? What plans do you all have? :)


piratesmermaid - March 6



kristie h - March 6

I would guess that your LO is crawling? If so, make a trail in her room or in the hall put her on the gorund and she may crawl the trail of eggs. I did this when DS 15 months old, i made it simple with a few eggs but he still loved it!! As for activities i am not sure, you could make a easter hat for her to wear and paint her hand print on it since its her 1st easter. If you want her touch to it put a few coloured paints in front of her soshe can "choose" the colour she wants the hat, paints or what ever else you want to add to it. Just a thought


ash2 - March 6

Ohhh, i LOVE easter....This year it will even be funner because i get to dress my boys up in matching outfits !! I think DS was 4 months his first easter, so we just went over to my family's house for an easter dinner. My second DS will be 10 months this year and ( hopefully ) walking. We plan on doing an easter egg hunt and stuff....we cant wait !


piratesmermaid - March 6

Gretchen can walk so long as she can hold onto our fingers, and she army crawls. I think she might be able to do an egg hunt, ya know if the eggs are right in front of her like kristie suggested. I like the hat idea, too. Hopefully we'll have good weather like we had in CO last year, that'd be so nice.


BaileysMummy - March 7

We are going to have an easter egg hunt, I'll probably let ds push his wooden cart around and collect the eggs. He is 15 months old next wk and I am really hoping he is walking by easter (nearly there)


mcatherine - March 7

Oh, pmermaid - please make her a little hat! What a cute idea. We don't really plan to do anything. At 6 months Hud is too young to care and Hayes is 11, so my husband has to hide the eggs to make it really hard and then he still finds them in 20 secs... We are too far to visit any family, really - so just a quite day with the 4 of us!


Emily - March 7

Mcatherine, have you thought about an Easter scavanger hunt or Easter Treause hunt? We did a tresure hunt when we were older. We would get an egg with a clue in it that would lead us to the next clue until we found all the eggs. They would eventually lead us to our baskets. We no lionger do that and we just do the hunt since we are all too old and Mary is too young for the clues yet….but it is an idea for your 11 year old…..Sorry to intrude on pirates thread. I do like the hat idea. At Mary's first Easter she liked playing with the emtpy plastic eggs more than anything….


mcatherine - March 7

Emily - that is a great idea! I've done the for his borthday parties, but never even considered doing it with Easter eggs! I guess I have to start thinking of clues now, lol. Thanks!


piratesmermaid - March 7

Ooo, Emily that scavenger hunt is an awsome idea! I could use it for hubby!



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