Eating Fish While Breastfeeding

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EricaG - January 11

I've been trying to eat healthier lately and I would like to start adding some fish into my diet. I have heard that while br___tfeeding you should stay away from certain fish because of mercury levels. All the websites I've visited have said which fish is the worst but none say which fish is good to eat while br___tfeeding. btw I live in Michigan. I tihnk in Michigan a lot of our fish comes from the Great Lakes and has a high amount of mercury in it. I don't like salmon , I prefer perch or Cod. If anybody has any advice I welcome it :o)


Nita_ - January 11

ohh I never heard that fish isn't good while bf...i've read about not eating certain fish while pregnant. I've been eating salmon, catfish and tilapia. I don't like tuna anyways, I think that's one that is supposed to be avoided/limited during pregnancy.


lenae - January 11

If you are going to get fish, buy wild caught and check to see where they catch them. I am not going to b___stfeed, tried and failed with both my boys but I think that if you intend to have more children after this one, you should avoid our fish, at least thats what my OB said. I live in Michigan too, and I like fish, I just look for fish caught elsewhere and if I get it at a restaurant, I ask where they get it from. Canadian fish is from the Great Lakes for the most part too so you probably don't want to eat canadian caught fish either. You can ask your pediatrician how much mercury your baby would get in your b___stmilk from the fish you eat and see what s/he recommends.


EricaG - January 11

Thanks girls :o) Nita_, if you google "eating fish while b___stfeeding" or something then you will get a lot of information on it. the mercury pa__ses through your b___stmilk just as it does to the baby during pregnancy. Salmon and catfish were on the "safe fish" list. I'm not sure about tilapia, it didn't mention that. But I think even the safe fish is supposed to be eaten only in moderations, like under 12 oz. a week or something. Lenae, I'll look into doing that, thanks :o) Yeah I think the Great lakes are kind of c___ppy for fish, lol.



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