Eating Habit Change

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Zacks Mom - March 21

Zack's regular feeding is 6oz every 4-5 hours. He had 2 oz at 5:30pm, refuse to finish his bottle. Then, at 7:30pm, another 2 oz..also not finished. It's 11:15pm now and he's asleep. Normally, he should be asking to be fed by now ..but he's not. I made a bottle to try to feed him, he just turned his head away... barely even drink 1oz. He's 6 months now and only had 24 oz in a day today. Normally, it's 30oz or more. He's only fed cereal for his lunch. I'm getting worried... not sure if I should call the nurse. Overall, he's his active old chearful self. Just that his eating habit has changed.. and today is the worst. Anyone's baby's eating habit change at this age?


Kelleyb - March 21

My son is 6 months today and since he was about 4 months he has also been eating solids. Perhaps you need to add stage one foods and give him cereal more than once a day. Now at 6 months, Ryan eats cereal 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). At each feeding I start of with a bottle. The amt. varies. In between his lunch and dinner, I give him a bottle only. He usually takes in about 24 ounces of formula a day in addition to his cereal, fruits and veggies. Hope this helps.


Erin1979 - March 21

Just like yourself, babies do not eat the same amount every day. 24 oz in a day is fine, as long as it does not go below that. Like Kelly said, maybe be needs to be given more solids. My daughter is 7 months, and at 6 months we fed her cereal for breakfast and dinner and veggies at lunch time along with her regular bottle. Normally she woudl take 6 oz at each of those feedings as well, but it varies day to day. Could he be teething? My dd will not eat well if she is teething. Good luck.


grandma - March 21

24oz...sounds good to me. My daughter's little one (3months) has only been eating 2-3oz at every feeding since Fri. and only getting approx. 12 oz per day! She just wont eat. Happy, peeing, pooping, etc. just screams bloddy muder when we give he a bottle. She been checked out from head to toe in ER over the weekend...a O.K.


fabienne - March 21

I'm getting worried as I read your post because Matthew (9 months old) should be taking 20 to 24oz of formula/day according to the doc but most of the time he's taking less than 20...too often he takes around 14oz. He just pushes the bottle away.....I don't know what to do. We tried to change the formula with the same results...


Zacks Mom - March 21

Thanks for your input. I'm going start with 2 solid meals first and then increase to 3 and see how that goes. Fabienne, mine pushes the bottle away too even though his feeding time is way off schedule. You might wanna try to increase the solid intake, like how they have advised.


Zacks Mom - March 23

*Update* It got worse. Today he refuses cereal and formula. If I'm lucky, I could slip in a few oz while it's about to sleep. He only drank total 18 oz of formula and 0 scoops of cereal. Overall he's normal and I wonder where is he getting his energy from when he's eating so little?? I am taking him to the ped tomorrow. I hope nothing bad or serious....


Zacks Mom - March 23

I have read up on bottle strike. Apparently, most of them are bf babies. Zack was on formula since he's 3 weeks old. Still don't understand and trying to figure out....



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