Eating Less Since The Switch To Cows Milk

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eclectic66 - July 14

Hi ladies! I just made the switch over from formula to cows milk with ds (he will be 12 months in 1 week) and he seems to have had no issues with it. He is pooping regularly, no gas issues, and no fussiness, but the one thing I have noticed is the amount that he is drinking is much less than he did on the formula! On formula he would drink an average of four 6 oz bottles a day and also 3 solid meals a day, but today he only drank his morning bottle and then just 3 oz of another and that is all! He refused to take his nightime bottle. He does still eat his 3 solid meals a day, but I am worried that he is not getting enough milk. I think I read somewhere that they should be consuming 16-24 oz a day?? Is this right? And if he isn't then what should I do about it? He will not use a sippy yet so I cannot offer it to him in any other manner. This has been for the past cpl days. Before this he was drinking the milk fine. I thought maybe teething? But he isn't really all that fussy if it is (not like he usually gets). Aggg, I don't know. Any suggestions???


squished - July 14

My son is the same way. He is only averaging about 16 ozs. a day of milk and is getting super picky about what he is eating! I hope someone answers soon that will help us both out :)


DDT - July 15

It is not uncommon for your lo to drink less milk once transitioned to cow's milk. My ds also drank less once we made the change. Just make sure to get in some calcium elsewhere. A cup of yogurt a day and some cheese (which my ds loves!). Some days my lo will only drink about 12 oz of milk but its not the end of the world. The concern is calcium and amount of calories (there are far less calories in cow's milk than formula). My ds is far from being underweight so if he doesn't hit the prescribed 16-24oz a day I am not overly worried.


DDT - July 15

BTW the yogurt should be made with whole milk.


eclectic66 - July 15

Ty. It's funny because last night I was feeding ds and to my amazement there was another tooth that had popped through! So, I guess that was the He seems to be taking bottles good today. But I definetly am glad to know that perhaps he doesn't require as much ounces in milk daily if he is eating solids pretty well. It seems like 24 oz is a bit much for him anymore. He always takes a morning bottle and sometimes a nighttime bottle and during the day it's usually a coin toss. I should probably post this as a seperate question, but about how much fluid intake (besides milk) should he be getting a day? I ask because I haven't given him any water yet and I had heard that juice is one of those empty calories that he really doesn't need. How much water should he be getting now?? I know before he got his water from the formula, but now I am unsure how much to give? Thanks.



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