Eating Organtic

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jenna32 - November 4

i want to start eating as much organtic as possible since it'd be healthier for my l.o. it might be too expensive for me to go fully. i am new to this and i am wondering if anyone else eats all organtic. i live in a smaller area. I only see the brand name nativia organtics and half the time it seems to be junk food. like how do you buy your veges,canned,frozen or is there a paticular organtic brand? dd is mostly on solids now shes 11 months. i probably sound clueless here.


mjvdec01 - November 4

Organic is a great way to go. As far as veggies are concerned, frozen is great because they veggies are flash frozen at the peak of freshness, and can be kept for longer since they are infact frozen. I try to buy as much organic as possible. Just make sure the product is "certified organic". It should say on the packaging. We have a daughter who will be three in February, and a son who will be 4 months on the 17th. This time around I will be making baby food with only orgainc produce. I would stay away from anything canned, organic or not. Most grocery stores offer organic options for vegetables, dairy, and meats, and eggs. Start there and add items as you can afford them.


sarah21 - November 4

If you have cable TV, Get Fresh with Sara Snow is on I believe the Discovery Health channel and she goes over the basics and the advanced organic living. There are certain fruits and vegetables that are the most important to get organic since pesticides get more into them, such as apples. An apple is totally full of pesticides because the flesh absorbs it. Raisins and grapes are the same way. You can find a list online, probably. It's more expensive definitely but the food tastes so much better and you feel so much better eating that way. You should look and see if you have a health food store near you if your store carries crummy organic brands.


jenna32 - November 6

thanks guy! i guess i will have to read more, i just thought i would find some short cut answers here! i don't get a chance to read too much anymore with the l.o. running around destroying everything in her path lol. what time is that show on at??


sarah21 - November 8

Okay it's actually on the Fit channel (I have DirecTV) and it's on Wednesdays at 9:00 and 9:30 PM and Sundays at 6:30 PM.



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