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Angie - January 16

I have a question for anyone who suppliments formula or feeds all formula. My dd is now 10 wks old and she is 12lb 4 oz. She was only 6lb 8 oz when she was born. She is eating about 4 oz at a time and eats almost every 2 1/2-3 hours. So,s he is eatint probably close to 36 oz a day. I know babies are suppose to eat 24-32 oz a day, so am I feeding her too much? Is she gaining too much weight? How do I get her to not eat so much? Do I call her doctor? Any insight on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


KrYstaL - January 16

2.5 ozs per pound of body weight per day roughly.


Angie - January 16

Does that mean I need try and cut out 2 feedings per day so she is not eating so much?


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 16

I would say as long as she is hungry, you should feed her, if you are force feeding any of her bottles then cut back but if she is hungry, then feed her.


Meredith - January 16

You can not really tell your baby to eat less, unless you want to hear alot of noise. I would try to strech her feedings out a little at a time. My three week old is eating every 3 hours, your baby is bound to have a slightly bigger tummy...I dont think it would hurt to stretch 2 and a half into 3, or 3 into 3 and a half. As long as she is not too mad :-)


newmom - January 16

Angie you are blessed that your dd eats well coz my son who just turned 3m hardly eats 4 ounces every 3 hours his pedrician asked me to feed him 4 ounces every 2 hours but he never takes more than 2 ounces some times hardly 3, i just don't know how to make him eat more..I think your daughter is eating normal, babies eat as much they need not more..


Jen P - January 16

Angie my baby is 11 weeks, 15 lbs and eats 30-34 oz a day, 6 oz a bottle and about every 4-5 hours. At last months checkup at 13 lbs the doctor said about 26 oz is good for that weight. Right now the doctor said 30 oz is good. I would try to give her a little more at each feeding and try to go a little longer. She will get used to it.


Liz - January 16

I agree with Amayas Mommy



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