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Fabienne - November 25

Any babies have eczema ? If so, how do you treat it ? Matthew has it :( I didn't know it was hereditary.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 25

My son does get small spots of eczema, I did not know it was hereditary either. My dh has it. My doctor said it also is or can be connected to food allergies. Not exactly sure how that works, but my son is allergic to milk and soy and they say he may or may not develop other allergies in the future. His tends to clear up on its own, but my dh uses elidel, it is a prescription.


Chelsey - November 25

My daughter got exzema on her b___t! First the doctor prescribed Hydrocortisone, but that just made it burn and look like a heat rash. Then he prescribed another ointment (related to hydrocortisone, but not as harsh), and her exzema cleared up in 2 applications! I tried Aveeno lotion, and Vitamin E, nothing helped! The cream that worked is called Betaderm. (Betamethasone Valerate)... ask your doctor about it if Matthew's gets really bad!


Toya - November 25

Yes, Asjani was diagnosed with eczema at 2 months of age. She had it all over her body, except for her diaper area. The Dr. put her on both elidel and hydrocortisone cream. It takes about 2 days for it to clear up completely. Now that she is almost 7 months old she rarely gets flare-ups...most of them are in the creases of her arms and on her hands. She got her eczema from my dad's side of the family. Her skin is very clear now. You can see pictures of her at


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 25

Asjani is so beautiful Toya! I am trying to finally get a website going for Lucas!


Lesley - November 25

My daughter has it. It is awfull. She sits and scratches it all the time. It only staryed off as a little bit on her leg but its spreading. I got some steriod cream to treat it with but it wasn't doing anything at all. The only thing that seemed to of worked was sudocrem, but all that is doing is taking the redness away. not actually healing it. Sh has dry skin and it's awfull not being able to do anything about it. I'm having to take her back to the doctor.


Toya - November 25

Thanks Rachael. Asjani is really growing. Lesley, try some Eucerin cream for the dryness. My Aunt's baby has eczema too and she uses Cetaphil to wash her with.


momma - November 25

my daughter has a small spt under her chin it doesnt seem to be from allergies (nether dh or i have it) it seems to be from something that rubs the area i use a&d, lashino (sp) (lanolin cream) or grins and giggle moistuizing stick they all seem to help it i think i will avoid sleepers that have zippers until it goes away


Shelly to momma - November 25

I just saw your other post and you are talking over there about your dd teething,..that spot under her chin that you just mentioned over here could be probably a rash from teething/drooling.I don't think it is eczema.


amy p - November 25

hello my son has eczema he is now 2 in a half and he was diagnosed at 3 is a have to find out what "triggers" it and makes it worse..also what works really well for us is Triamcinalone the doctor prescribed and we put that on and then vit a&d over it to help it absorb and not get rubbed for him? also we can not use regular soap...we have to use sensitive skin dove. also dove shampoo and i still have to wash clothes with dreft??? my son was also allergic to milk and that made his eczema worse so we switched to say...hope this helps....


Kathryn - November 25

My son has eczema and we use eucerin twice a day.



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