Eczema Or Diaper Rash

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Nita_ - March 5

How do you distinguish the two? My dd seems to be scratching her diaper area a lot these days and just yday I noticed tiny little red bumps and was applying aquaphor but they dont seem to go away...I just applied desitin. But wanted to know how I would distinguish them. She has a mild case of eczema(that's what the dr told us) on the insides of her elbows and a little at the back of her's a red area which is kinda scaly. But this one in her diaper area seems like little tiny bumps, so is it diaper rash?


Nita_ - March 5



austinsmom - March 5

Hi Nita, My lo has eczema and his looks differant depending on where you find the rash. I cannot answer your question but I can say that eczema rash can look a little differant in differant areas. Did your doctor give you elidel or anything for the eczema? I like the aveno product for eczema myself and it does good for lo. The soothing oatmeal bath by aveeno is great maybe try that? Is it hot where you are? Maybe it is heat rash? I think if you were to give a little more info it might help or just call ask a nurse in your area or call the dtr it is what they get the big bucks for. I hope this helps....good luck.


Mommy_to_be - March 5

99% of the time...exzema does not occur in the diaper area. (That's what my pediatrician said at least - my dd has exzema). I'd say it's diaper rash.


Steph - March 5

Are you sure thats it's not a yeast rash? You should google it and look at a picture and see if your lo's rash looks the same. If it's yeast, you can treat it with Monistat OTC or get your doc's office to give you a script for Nystatin.


Nita_ - March 6

Thanks ladies! austinsmom - the dr had prescribed hydrocortizone cream for the eczema which I finally got yday. I've put it on the elbows and back of neck. We have switched to using the aveeno baby lotion. It may not be heat rash as we live in CT and it's freezing out here! Thanks mommy-to-be and steph. I've applied the diaper rash cream and she doesn't seem to scratch that much there anymore. And I look at some of the yeast rash pictures, and thankfully no, it doesn't look anything like that. Hope the hydrocortizone helps her head/back of the neck though, caz she keeps scratching!


austinsmom - March 6

I hope the hydrocortisone helps your lo as well cause you know it has to be really irritating to your little sweetie. I hope she gets better soon.... take care.


Nita_ - March 6

thanks austinsmom! :) I hope she feels better soon too.


ash2 - March 6

Is it real flakey ?? or does it look like ( sorry tmi ) cottage cheese ? could be a yeast infection...


Nita_ - March 6

Nope, no flakes or cottage cheese look. Just tiny little red bumps which seem to have gone down in the diaper area. The head and elbows are kinda red and rough when I rub my fingers over.



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