Eczema Treatment

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Kathyv610 - May 19

Hi, My daughter now 9 months had eczema at 4 months and right now she's on anti-histamine meds and lots of hydrocrotisone cream. I saw an ad on "Freederm HC" cream. Has anyone given this a try on their child? Let me know since I'm desparately to try anything natural than steriods and meds. If not this production, have you try anything that works well? Thanks, Kathy


Rabbits07 - May 20

hi kathy. There was an earlier thread where eczema in infants was being discussed. When my daughter was little her pedi suggested we use Eucerin Creme (not the lotion), and it worked really well. Some of the other posters used Auquafor Baby (which is made by Eucerin) and had good results with it. I've never heard of the Freederm HC so I'm not able to give any comments on it. I know what you mean about wanting to try to keep your baby as 'drug free' as possible. Try the Eucerin and the Aquafor. If your daughter's eczema is really, really bad she may require something stronger, though.


gracie - May 21

My son has exzema and it was really bab when he was around 6 months old. I wouldnt use the steriods untill I tried everything else. I did two things and the exzema the doctors said he would probably always struggle with is gone. I completly, completly changed his diet. Around 8 months old I stoped all food except his bottle. Then about a month later (most of it cleared up just from this) I slowly added only rice cereal and bananna. He had this 3 times a day and his bottle and nothing else for another month. I slowly around 12 months added back in all food varieties once the exzema had cleared up. He is about 14 months old now, and eats everything (pretty much) and has no exzema. I also used Cetiphil lotion and baby wash only for his skin. I was and am persistantly consistant with this. I lotioned him from head to toe after all baths which I only gave him 3 times a week. He would be washed hair and all in the cetiphil baby wash. I also would apply the cetiphil lotion to his problem spots, face and b___t area 3-4 times a day. I did a lot of research on Eczema and personally believe that it is an allergy that will persist without drastic dietary changes. This worked for me... The cetiphil creams and washes are more expensive then the others and my doctor admitted they were superior. Good luck. Keep me posted... grace


amyh - May 22

I don't know if this has anything to do with your situation, but when my daughter was about 6 weeks she had horrible eczema. I rewashed her clothes minus the fabric softerner...and overnight it was better.


Lisastar9 - May 23

I know a mother on a different forum where I frequent ly visit and her daughter has bad exema (sp),she said she has tried the product and it doesn't work,she also had a had time returning the product,they don't stand behind there products. There is something called Cutar and you will need to special order it from your local pharmacy.


Lisastar9 - May 23

This is from the mother above I menchened. I have a friend that tried the FreederHC and found it to be a waste of money because it did nothing for her daughters eczema. And once she decieded to return it they were very rude and tried fighting her over it. But she has found some stuff called Cutar Emulsion and you just have to special order it through your local pharmacy. If you want anymore information about it feel free to email her at [email protected]


babybird - May 23

Both of my sons had eczema as infants and like rabbits07 I found that aquaphor worked wonders. My first son was put on hydrocortisone cream for about a week and after that we used the aquaphor and it cleared right up. When my second son got it I went straight to the aquaphor and again it worked instantly. Also, I don't know if your dr. told you this but bathing your baby more than 3 times a week is not good if they have eczema. I know it sounds strange, but even just plain water can strip the natural oils from their skin and make it worse. Good luck, I hope it gets better. (I had it also, and I know first hand how painful it can be!)


Amy_mommy - May 23

how can u tell if your baby has eczema



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