Eddie Bauer ITS Travel System

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yungmama - April 13

Does anyone have this travel system. I purchased it and afterward have read some really bad reviews on the carseat. I really like it and was wondering if anyone has has any good experiences (so far I haven't heard any). I think I might take it back and get the Quatro Tour Travel System. Any advice would be appreciated.


Erin1979 - April 13

I had registered for the Eddie Bauer travel system, and then 2 weeks before I was to receive it, they recalled the carseats. The woman at the store told me that they would give you the replacement part, or you could wait for a new one to arrive, so I chose the Graco travel system just in case. I did phone the company, and they basically were telling me that it was no big deal, just a little part on the carseat was malfunctioning, and that they were fixing it....I didn't want to take a chance.


yungmama - April 13

So the carseat was recalled? I have read reviews just recently complaining about the carseat. I guess they just didn't fix it properly. I guess I will change it, better safe than sorry


Erin1979 - April 13

It was recalled last year in May. I don't know if the newest edition has been recalled. I just didn't like the fact that it had been recalled at all....I love my Graco, and I am totally glad we got it. Good Luck!


LisaB - April 13

I LOVE my Quatro Tour Travel System. My friend has the Eddie Vauer and does not like it at all. She loves ours.


JAI - April 13

I have the Graco Quattro...and we love love love it. It is great, lots of space easy to push so smooth, so easy to fold and put in the car. I really am happy with it.


yungmama - April 14

Well, I went out last night and bought the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe. It pushes relly nice, folds up easy and it sounds like everyone else likes them.


CarolA - April 15

i have an eddie bauer system, im not sure which one, but i hate it! My boyfriend got it because its expensive...i tried to explain that expensive doesn't mean good but he wouldn't listen. The carseat seems fine, but its every part of it is huge! i cant push the stroller through alot of stores, theres no space for it, you have to do alot just got fold it up, and its just a pain in the b___t.


C - April 15

I have the Eddie Bauer 3 wheel stroller. I got this one because it manuvers easily. Also, you can attach the infant carrier to this. I loved it up until my son grew out of his carrier. I don't like the way the seat reclines or the lack of reclining.



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