Eddie Bauer Travel System

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jj - May 22

has anyone got the blue eddie bauer travel system? would like to hear any thoughts on this product....thanks


Kerry - May 22

I have the Eddie Bauer stroller and car seat the car seat attaches to the stroller to so when we go somewhere I can just attach it and I don't have to pull her out of the car seat I love it the wheels on the stroller are big and you can go anywhere with ease. I also have the Eddie bauer high chair love all there products


Soleil - May 23

I got it, its really good, I like the fact that I can just attach the car seat to the stroller without getting my baby out of the seat. Moves well, I think its great.


Liz - May 30

I have the Eddie Bauer Euro travel system except in Manchester Print which is the tan/black print. It is a very nice stroller/carseat. Yes, it does have the convinience of attaching the car seat to the stroller and it has a big compartment at the bottom for shopping etc..., deep cup holders and a nice little space with a cover for your wallet, cell phone or whatever else. A huge canopy and the ability to make it into a carriage or just the regular stroller with the car seat or without. The downside to this stroller is that it is very big and you would need to have a pretty big truck to carry it in, and the car seat is quite heavy.


Tina - May 31

I received the eddie bauer EZ travel system as a gift. Turns out its been recalled. So i had to return it and get another travel system. Babys rus was pretty good about taking it back even though i received it over 60 days ago. It wasnt opened though.


Liz - May 31

Tina, How did you find out it was recalled? I think that's the one I have. I sent the registration form but I haven't heard anything, Why was it recalled?


Liz - May 31

Tina, thank you so much for your info. You are right. The car seat part was recalled. I'm going to see what I can do. I found the info on the babies r us web site. they say to call the numbers provided but I haven't had any luck getting a real person. I'll try the e-mail and I'm going to call the store too. Thanks again! :)



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