Education Savings For Your Little One

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vanja10 - March 6

Has anyone started saving for their education? I'm thinking I'm going to send in all paperwork this week (birth certificate, health card, etc) and as soon as everything is set up, set up an account for my son for his school. it's amazing how even just putting aside a few dollars a month, can make a huge difference later on in life when it acc_mulates over 18 years.


jacksonsmommy - March 6

DS already has a few savings bonds as gifts. We've also started a college fund. And instead of a will, we will be creating a trust fund.


mosley12 - March 6

ds has 4 different savings accounts, 1 started by us, 2 by his grandparents on both side, and 1 by his great grandmother. we dont have one set up for education only, but the money that will acc_mulate until he's 18 will be used for his schooling


LisaB - March 6

Check out UPromise dot com its a great way to start saving for college. We have a college fund set up for ds its slim as money is tight right now but his grandpa gets him bonds all the time so that will help. Once we sell our 2nd home the college fund will be 1st priority.


srigles - March 6

Are you in Canada? We started an RESP through the Canada Scholarship Trust Fund for our ds a couple of months ago. The people there are so helpful. cstDOTorg is the website for it.


vanja10 - March 6

srigles - yeah i'm in victoria bc. i will look into that, thanks for the info!


Nerdy Girl - March 6

We do Vanguard 529's and try to put a few hundred bucks a month in those. We also do Upromise, which is linked directly to their 529's so the Upromise savings just dump right in there.


Smilefull - March 6

We kept getting calls from all the different agencies wanting us to sign up with them and it some point it became a real annoyance. This happen to anyone else?


Perl - March 6

Good question Vanja. We were thinking of starting a trust fund for our ds but then we heard about 529s. Sounds like a good way to go but I have to do some research still.


jenrodel - March 6

Smilefull - OMG! It was SUCH an annoyance. I don't mind the initial phone call, but I was getting multiple calls a day from different agencies at one point. I still get them and ds is 5 months old. I've told them all not to call, I'll go to the website... but they call again and again! And past 7pm half the time, waking ds up! Arrrghh! Sorry to go off, but they annoyed me soooo much! That being said, I'm going to start one very soon, but am trying to make sure I go with an organization that DIDN'T call me a million times! Probably will go with an RESP through the government.



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