Embarassing Diaper Changing Question For A Girl

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SuzieQ - January 20

Ok - I feel like such a terrible mother right now and am not sure who to ask -so thankfully this forum is here! My dd is 3 mos old and when I change her, I generally wipe her va___al area from front to back, but don't wipe too deeply - if you know what I mean. So tonight I was changing her, and I noticed she has lots of white discharge in her folds, and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to try and get it all out or not. When I was in the hospital, the nurses told me some smegma was normal for girls, but I'm not sure if this is normal. She doesn't have a uti or any infection - she pees lots and doesn't seem uncomfortable. Is this discharge normal?


aurorabunny - January 20

Sounds like a yeast infection to me.


SuzieQ - January 20

it's not red or anything though.... maybe I'll call my doc on monday - thanks :)


aurorabunny - January 20

Well when you said the white stuff, I just immediately thought yeast infection. I have a boy, so there's a good chance I could be wrong here...=)


vonzo - January 20

my dd had something similar but that was only until she was a few weeks old. It went away on its own, i think it's just normal girly stuff but if you think there's too much of it get it checked out just in case. Her not feeling uncomfortable is a good sign that it may well be nothing. My daughter poops that much that it goes everywhere (sorry tmi) so her wee cookie has to get cleaned out very regularly so maybe that's why i don't see any? Sorry i couldn't be any more help.


lexa - January 20

Suzie, my dd is 3 months old also, and she has this sometimes. It's not a lot though and is normal. Just make sure you clean her good at every diaper change. The fact that she doesn't have discomfort / redness / or a foul odor is a good sign. You should not by any means feel like a terrible mother either! If you need help or have a question, then ask away and don't be ashamed of that. Thats what everyone is here for!


lexa - January 20

Oh, sorry, forgot to mention. Make sure when you wipe her/clean her you separate it a little to clean it. Some girl I work with didn't clean her babies too well and she ended up with an extrememly bad yeast infection. It wasn't just a little white stuff. It was a full b__wn out baby is in tons of pain etc. This was before I had my dd, so needless to say that was all I needed to hear. So don't be afraid to clean her.


Rabbits07 - January 20

Some white discharge in the folds is normal as vonzo said. If there's not any redness along with it I would be more inclined to think that it isn't a yeast infection and is just the normal smegma. If you think there seems to be an excessive amount then you may want to have the pedi take a look and tell you if it's a normal amount or not...that way you will know and alleviate any future worries.


sahmof3 - January 20

My dd had that, too, mainly in the first few weeks. I think it's normal.


Felisha - January 20

my dd has the same discharge and the doc said unless there is red bumps on the lips of the v____a then its not yeast. it could be that your dd is still releaseing the hormones she got from you wile you were still pregnant. you may still want to have it looked at but from what i have heard and am dealing with as well its normal.


18wbabynov - January 20

its normal. i just asked my dr this yesterday... my dd is 2mos and has this same thing too. dont worry, unless she seems to be upset, or if the area looks red and infected.


SuzieQ - January 20

Thanks ladies :) Once again all your answers have helped me feel better!


ElizabethL. - January 20

It sounds very normal to me, I would not wipe it away, if it were yeast it would have an odor, almost like bread.


Brittany - January 20

I noticed it with my daughter, I would have asked this same question but I just wiped her better and it went away. I didn't notice it until I was changing her one day, I think it was because I wasn't wiping her good enough from birth. So I just keep the area clean now and I haven't noticed it at all. I don't think it's a yeast infection, I just think it's build up. Just make sure you thoroughly wipe her and everything will be good.


Brittany - January 20

forgot to add...I mean I noticed it a few weeks after she was born and I would have asked the question sooner. She is now 7 months so that happened a long time ago haha (I've kept her clean and it hasn't happened since). Its funny how different boys and girls are, I had a son before her and boys are so much easier to wipe. With girls, it's got to be front to back and you need to get in between the folds...too much info haha.


ry - January 21

My dd had that too when she was very young and the ped said to leave it alone, bath her and clean her good but they said you should never seperate or open their labia (unless you put the wipe in there a little if any poopy gets in there) sorry i know tmi lol!


ash2 - January 21

It depends on how old she is. I think it is normal when they are just a few weeks old, but if has just suddenly appeared, then it could be a yeast infection....or maybe you just " missed " those spots when cleaning her.



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