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embarrassed - October 25

So, my son is 2 weeks old. I have been taking it easy, but my boyfriend has had to work and was only able to be home the first few days. I spend most of my time in our living room during the day. Everything I need for the baby is right there. Over the last couple of days I've started smelling something nasty. It smells like something is dead or rotting. I looked everywhere in the living room and couldn't figure it out. Finally, yesterday (day 5 of the smell) I had my boyfriend move all of the furniture and we turned the living room upside down trying to find the smell. At this point the smell was strong enough that he was starting to smell hints of it as well, prior to that he was saying that I still had my pregnancy nose and he couldn't smell anything. The weird thing was, we'd catch hints of the smell here and there. It wasn't a constant smell. Well, needless to say we couldn't figure out what it was in the living room. Then before bed last night, I went to the bathroom and once I had my underwear down I realized what the smell was! I know this is really nasty, but it was my pad that stunk! I'm not a dirty person, I take a shower every day and change my pad at least every couple of hours whether it needs it or not. But, thinking back I realized that once the smell started it was the same time as when my discharge went from a pinkish color to a brownish color. At the hospital they told me that it would go from red to pink to brown to clear and be gone. So I know that the brown is normal, but what about the smell?? This is really embarrassing. What if my boyfriend smells it again, I can't tell him that I figured out what it was!! Is it normal for this smell to be so bad? Is it normal to have a smell? If it's not normal for either one, has anyone had this problem? If so, what was it and what did you do? Thanks for any input that does not bash me and call me dirty. I'm so embarrassed.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 25

That doesn't mean you are dirty, everything I have been told by doctors and reading info that if the discharge becomes really foul smelling it could mean an infection. I would check with your doc to make sure.


Jamie - October 25

Definately talk to your doctor, cause it could be an infection; change your pad hourly, whether it's full or not. Did you get a peri bottle at the hospital? If yes, rinse yourself with warm water everytime you go to the bathroom. I started to get an infection about 3 weeks pp; I changed pad hourly, rinsed everytime I went to the bathroom, and washed thoroughly with unscented soap (NOT body wash) twice a day. It went away really quickly - I think 3 or 4 days.


Shelly - October 25

I was going to give you the same advice;but Jamie and Rachael already did,defenetly call your doctor and use a peri bottle to wash down there.I hope eveything works out good for you and i agree with not telling your boyfriend about it,it is embarrasing and we are ent_tled to have our secrets sight?Good luck to you!!!


KH - October 25

maybe it's vaginitis??


Amy - October 25

The brown blood is dead or old blood. Which does have a unpleasant smell. But if it bothers you that much go ahead and call your Doc, thats what their there for!! Good Luck!


sympathetic - October 25

The same thing happened to me..and yes, it's embarra__sing. But, it's natural. I called my doctor (finally, after much debate..they've heard it all anyway) and it happens to some women. It's just old blood and mucus (yuck?) and it goes away eventually. If you had st_tches, wash really really gently down there until they're healed and change your pad everytime you use the bathroom. Hope that helps.


embarra__sed - October 25

thank you very much for the advice ladies.


klmr - October 25

Oh my gosh, this sounds like something that would happen to me. I have had every embara__sing medical condition there is! Maybe this will make you feel better: One Christmas I ate a bunch of Red & Green Tortilla Chips at a party. A couple days later I notice that I have bright green poop! So, I start freaking out & go immediately to the doctor. The doctor walks in and is a young girl, about my age, and straight out of medical school. I am mortified when she tells me that she will have to do a rectal exam. So anyway, we are both humiliated as she shoves some instrument up my b___t to collect a "speciman". And when she is done she says to me "hmmmmmm......have you eaten anything with green food coloring in it?" I wanted to die, at that moment I immediately remembered the "Christmas" tortilla chips!!! My point is: call your doctor, they have heard EVERYTHING before!


Jbear - October 25

If you usually wear tampons, pads can smell pretty bad to you, or at least they did to me after I had my babies. They make scented pads...you can still smell the scent they use through your clothes, but no one but you would know it was a scented pad, not a perfume.


Felice - October 26

I tried the scented pad not only was I allergic to whatever they use to scent them, but actually made it smell worse! It's like the perfume on stinky smell only made it worse. I hope that it works for you though, cause it sounds like a really good idea. What worked for me was to change often. BTW I also went around the house for days looking for that smell. I never told my husband the source, if he knew he never mentioned it to me either.


embarra__sed - October 26

Thanks for the tips. Felice- I'm so glad I'm not the only one that looked for the smell...... It's just sooo gross!



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