Embarrassing 3rd Trimester Dreams

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k.p.j.e. - February 7

This is embarrassing,...but since my 3rd trimester has started, (this happened w/ my 1st pregnancy too) I keep having really weird dreams, some of them are scary but mostly they are just crazy. Last night I had a s_x dream about Dr. Phil of all people...I have also had numerous s_xy dreams about other famous men that aren't exactly my type...lol. Anyway is there a reason for this? My dreams are never this vivid...or disturbing! Anyone else deal w/ this??????????


ash2 - February 7

I dont remember some of my dreams, but i do remember waking up some mornings thinking WTF?


EricaG - February 7

I had really wierd and s_x-filled dreams when I was pregnant too. But the scariest dreams I had were that I had my baby and was going to nurse her and she all of a sudden grew fangs and sttacked my b___b... wierd! I was so scared I wouldn't be able to b___stfeed because of those, but I could, lol.


SuzieQ - February 7

I had really vivid dreams as well - weird ones, s_xy ones, and some really horrible ones. They stopped a few weeks after birth though :)


Ca__sJ - February 7

Haha! Dr. Phil. He is so not s_xy. I had weird dreams during my pregnancy and I still have some weird dreams. I think that you remember dreams when you wake up in the middle of them and during pregnancy and now I wake up a lot during the night. That may have something to do with it.


Rhiannon - February 7

The worst was when I had the babies, I kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking they were in my bed, or beside the bed. I would frantically go through the laundry beside the bed trying to find the baby. It was scary. They are 6 months now and I still wake up. 2 nights ago I woke up my husband saying "Elora's earrings came out, they are in the bed somewhere.


BusyBee - February 7

I also remember having s_xual dreams when I was pregnant. I would wake up and think, I can't believe I just dreamt that! Must be all those hormones.


LollyM - February 8

Rhiannon, I did that same thing for a long time! dd is 6 months now and she slept with us for the first 1 1/2 months of her life. After we moved her to her crib, I would wake up so many times in a panic looking for her and telling dh to move over because he was "smashing the baby" geez, I still do it sometimes! I had s_x dreams during pregnancy too though and weird ones and allot of dreams where I would forget my baby different places!


Emily - February 8

okay so you know you are scaring me now cause I have been having simlar dreams I only had tehm wehn preg. I am no bc, the mini pill but am cautous as I got preg on it once before...that would be a trip!


k.p.j.e. - February 9

lol you guys...guess what, my husband jumped out of bed not once but twice last night like a bat out of hell thinking he heard Jack at the top of the stairs...of course Jack was sound asleep in his crib...but I guess he has raging hormones himself somehow these days! Anyway I jumped back on here to tell you all that today I took a nap after watching Dr. Phil and I had another s_x dream. It's starting to seriously gross me out, Ca__sJ you are right he is NOT s_xy and I'm starting to feel like I might want to stop watching him every day.


USMC_wife - February 9

HAHAHAHA!! I'm watching Dr. phil right now! I had a crazy dream about snapping turtles that were war veterans. Weird.


baby#1 - February 9

I think this would be a good question to ask Dr. Phil! :) Maybe you could contact the show to see what he thinks.....I think you would make his day with this one.


k.p.j.e. - February 9

LOL!! Oh I would never tell Dr. Phil that I dreamed about him...I can still feel his mustache on my neck...gross. It was a graphic dream...you guys are lucky I didn't go into detail. But I suppose if you really use your imagination he could have a little teeny bit of s_x appeal..........ha ha


Rabbits07 - February 10

k.p.j.e., it sounds like you may have some deep lying dormant lust for Dr. Phil that your subconscious is trying to make you admit to....LOL (jk). I had dreams like that as well when preg...I think it is hormones.



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