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ry - May 30

Ok, please do not judge me. I am by no means perfect but I really do take excellent care of my baby but...this weekend we had back to back parties with lots of food and ....alcohol. I admit did my share of drinking. I gave my baby formula the nights I drank and stopped drinking by midnight, but was br___tfeeding again by 4 am and one morning I felt really hung over and was scared to feed my daughter again. There are so many conflicting views about drinking and nursing and i don't know what is right or safe anymore! Not that I plan to get hammered every weekend but if I do have a few drinks how long should I wait to feed and am i supposed to pump and dump? Can anyone help me with this?


HannahBaby - May 30

ive heard pump and dump if youve had more than than 2 drinks before you nurse your baby. If you are EVER in doubt just give the baby formula. Your childs health is not something that you want to gamble with.


Eryn @ MN - May 30

Good for you for enjoying yourself! You deserve to have fun too. Anyways I was told to pump and dump. And then the next time you should be fine given you haven't drinkin anymore.


Rabbits07 - May 30

ry, how long it takes your body to metabolize alcohol is dependent on how much you drink, how much you weigh, whether you eat with it, etc. I never drink so I'm no expert, but from what I remember from my college health cla__s a few semesters ago it typically takes around 90 minutes for your body to metabolize the alcohol in one 12oz. beer. A good rule to remember too is that if you can still feel effects from the alcohol (even the tiniest buzz) then it is still in your blood stream which means it is still in your milk. Personally, I would pump & dump the first batch anyway, whether I still felt tipsy or not, just to be on the safe side.


Annette - May 30

ry, although I am NOT encouraging any habit, I do enjoy a gla__s of wine or a beer every once in a while. At kellymom.org says and confirmed by my GO, that you don´t have to pump and discard the milk since alcohol leaves your milk the same way it leaves your organism, so basically the advice is, handle it as if you were going to drive, if you feel the booze, don´t bf. Also before going to bed, drink lots of water, not only you will eliminate the alcohol faster but you won´t feel as hungover in the morning!


LisaB - May 30

I've wondered the same thing there is so much info out there and it is all conflicting. I have been told that the alcohol is at its highest concentration 1.5 hours after drinking. Don't know if that helps. I've had maybe four drinks in the past 6 months ds is 6 months and always feel guilty because I don't know. Frustrating huh?


RB - May 30

hey ry: i've been going out since ds was 2-3 months old and having some drinks here and there... i always waited at LEAST 24 hours and pumped and dumped... most days i'd wait 48 - but i think i was over-cautious... my girlfriend told me that it takes 1 hr to metabolize 1oz. of booze but i'm, not sure where she got that from... anyhow... i would wait next time and give her formula for that night and the following day and you should be fine i would imagine... glad to hear you got a chance to go out tho!!!


ry - May 31

thank you guys so much for your thoughts and for not judging me. these were family parties and my mom took care of lo so i could relax and have fun-i wasnt just out boozing it up all weekend while baby was with a sitter or anything ;) its funny how it works out too because everyone in my family LOVES to feed her and since i bf they dont get to very often. thanks!



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