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AlissaF - January 29

I just read on another post that our little ones have the same birthday. Sage was also born on June 19th of this past year. What time was Marcy born at? What kinds of things is she doing now? And how big is she? I'm really excited that there is another baby on this forum with the same birthday as Sage!


Emily - January 30

Marcy was born at 6:12 pm on Monday June 19th. She was 21 inches and weighed 7lbs and 12oz. not a small baby but she was oh so tiny compared to her sister who weighed exactly two lbs more at birht. Marcy is now sitting up by herself, she is rolling all over the floor. she likes to sit and play ont he floor and roll around. she can get up on her hands and knees and rock and lunge but doesnt really crawl up on all fours yet. she can almost sit up from laying down on the floor. (She has actually done this a couple of times but I think it was mainly an accident) She can belly scoot. She also loves to feed herself. she didnt' take to baby food right away but once she did, she relaly has taken off. she loves finger foods, I ahve given her toast, biscuts, pancakes, shedded cheese, macaroni noodles, and soft cooked potatos. She smiles a lot and actually reacheed for me one day! You can see pictures of her and her sister Mary at emfrank.piczo.com. What kind of stuff is Sage doing? any any plans for the big one year yet (i know its early!)


Emily - January 30

by the way, Sage is such a pretty name. How did you choose it? I alos forgot to mention that Marcy at 6.5 months weighed 17 lbs and 2oz. I am not sure what her length was then. Again, what things is Sage doing? Also where are you from? Tell me a little about yourslef. I am 27 from IL. I have two dd. Mary and Marcy. I have been married for 5.5 years and live in the house I grew up in. (we bought it from my parents after we married.) how about you?


AlissaF - January 30

Hi Emily! Sage was born at 4:34am on the 19th. He weighed 6lbs 3oz and was 18 in long... but he was also 3 weeks early. He has had a lot of issues with eating and weight gain and at his 7 month weight check, he only weighed 14lbs 6oz, but he was 27.5 in tall. So what stuff is he doing... well, the biggest news is that he started crawling the other day. He was half crawling half scooting for a couple weeks, but he finally figured it out. And he is into EVERYTHING!!! He goes from laying on his tummy to sitting up now as well. Like you said with Marcy, i think his first few times were by accident, but now he does it all the time. He is so much fun right now! Foodwise, well, he's a lot a bit behind there. He HATES to eat. I've been trying to feed him rice cereal and baby food, but he refuses it. I can give it to him through a bottle (which I know you are not supposed to do). He actually is starting tomorrow at the hospital's feeding disorders clinic to try to teach him to like eating and figure out why he won't eat. He'll eat crackers and the like, but that is all. How did i come up with the name sage? Well, I've always liked somewhat unusual names and I was having a hard time finding a boy name that I liked. I'm really involved with the music/festival scene and I love all the earthy/hippie names. so I did a search for hippie names and Sage was the one that really stood out to me. His middle name is Rhythm. I like middle names that mean something and I really wanted something like Strength or courage, but neither of those went with Sage. And then I remembered a child named Rhythm and that was perfect. It fits my way of life and has so much meaning towards life. So Sage Rhythm he became! About me... well, I am 22 years old and a single parent. I live in Portland, Oregon and I am a senior in college majoring in adolescent psychology. I grew up in tacoma, Washington, but moved to portland 4.5 years ago. How old is Mary? I read on another post how you came up with their names... can you refresh my memory?



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