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Meval - March 31

My poor 4month lo has developed enczema on her forehead and sides (by ears). Her doctor recommended Aquaphor, but it didn't do anything. Today I noticed a small spot below her ears. Has anyone's lo suffered from the same thing? Any remedies? Currently I am using Cetaphil moisturizing lotion on her. It seems to help a bit. I would love any suggestions. Poor lo forehead feels like sandpaper. =(


sphinx - March 31

its kind of pricey but I believe in the product... Arbonne Baby Oil. Its great for dry skin, hypoallergenic and also worked well for my babies cradle cap. And I also use it for infant ma__sage. It really has so many uses. Its much better than the other baby oils because it does not contain the fragrances and its ok for sensitive skin. You will have to get it through a consultant though because its not available in stores.


mlm056 - April 1

My ped recommended vaseline -- it worked... we also got a prescription for cortizone when it got very severe -- we used it minimially and it worked immediately


mahagen - April 1

I use hydrocortizone 1% but just a little goes a long ways. I usually mix a small amount with aquaphilic cream. I honestly swear by aquaphilic cream since my first child back 12 years ago and still have the same container and have used it on each child for eczema and cradlecap. My doctor recommended the hydrocortizone 1% and my sister said she used the same thing on her dd and mixed it with the aquaphilic. It truely works!


Bridget - April 1

My son got eczema at the same age. Some things that worked besides teh stuff mentioned already is when you bathe him, don't use any soap, at all. Babies don't really need a bath every day but my son liked them so we would just let him sit and use the shower wand but no soap for months until it was under control and then only Cetaphil liquid soap, even for his hair. Also, put on whatever lotion you end up using on your baby right when he comes out of the bath, when he is STILL WET. That traps the moisture in by his skin. Since many eczema babies are sesitive to scented products, don't use anthing scented on his skin and no scented laundry soap. Fabric softeners are a bad one too for eczema. One natural product I used for a while that worked great is "Un-petroleum Jelly". It is made out of vegetable oils and you can actually pronounce everything on the label. There is no petroleum products in it so if your son is sensitive to that, then it can be helpful. You can get it in most healthfood stores or online, probably. I feel your pain, seeing you little one suffer. My LO lost sleep from scratching at night until we figured stuff out what helped. Good luck.


first-timer - April 1

My LO has eczema on his lower body ( legs and hips ) and the pedi recommended using Aveeno bath products, hydrocortizone cream 1% when flared up and then when not flared up using Prevex cream to keep it moist. Try it and see. Ditto on the hydrocortizone cream...a little goes a long way and too much can irritate it more.


cblack - April 3

My ds has the same thing, it is getting a little better, but we still have flare ups every now and then. Our pediatrician said to use hydrocortisone cream. It works really quickly, and we can see a difference usually in about an hour. Also diaper rash cream (I know it sounds weird...but it works pretty good as well). We also use the cetaphil and aquaphor but the cortisone cream seems to work the best, and it really seems to work the best. hope this helps!


filly06 - April 3

My little girl has it...she just turned 9 months...I was told to bathe her (hair included) in only Dove unscented body wash...then after a bath put Luberderm lotion all over her...it was VERY effective and has not had a break out at all since we started doing it...it took less than a week for it to go away! Good luck!


angeev - April 4

My LO has it on his cheeks. The doc kept saying no meds but he was miserable so I went to the pharmacist. He said I could use 1% cortizone no more than twice a day and once it got under control use lotions, regular petroleum jelly works well for us. Whne my doc say pics of him, I had only called to ask, she felt so badly b/c she didn't realize how bad it was.



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