Enfamil Vs Similac

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SusanS - July 5

Which do you think is better and why? Both have DHA and ARA, but Similac does not use the palm olein oil which reduces calcium absorption, according to a study published on the NIH website. Please advie - thanks!


Annette - July 5

My son prefers Similac for some unknown reason and I prefer it because it dissolves better. Enfamil, no matter how much I shake it, always has lumps and too many bubbles. And it´s cheaper.


bbm - July 5

If you see the Enfamil website you can see the difference in the amounts of DHA and ARA. It's almost double in the Enfamil. I think Similac has 11 and Enfamil has 17!


Maggie - July 5

I prefer Enfamil for my dd, because my son gained weight really fast on Similac. My son weighed 6lbs. 8oz. at birth, and was 21 pounds by the time he was three months old. My dd who is on Enfamil Prosobee Lipil started off 7lbs. 1oz., and today at 5 months is 15 pounds and right where she should be.


SusanS - July 5

Thank you for your feedback. Maggie, its interesting about the weight gain. I dont want my DD to gain a lot of weight fast, everything in moderation. She seems to be doing well on Enfamil. I get the ready to use, so I dont have as many issues with the bubbling and I dont get the lumps. She had a lot of gas initially, but we changed her over to Dr. Brown's and she is now doing great. Thanks for your personal experiences.


erenimi - July 5

I actually use Good Start. Dr. says its easiest on babys tummy, and least likely to cause gas.


julieB - July 8

I b___stfeed 95% of the time. but when I dont I give him infamil.. He will not even drink the similac.. it will just run out the sides of his mouth.. I think he does not like the way it tastes..


emilysmommy - July 8

My dd has been on similac advance since she was a week old and is 5 months old and is thriving on it. She didn't "over-gain" on it at all. She's only 13 pounds at 5 months and she absolutely loves the similac and is a very healthy baby..:) I just think all babies are different and what one likes doesn't mean it's what another will like..


julieB - July 14

you are right emilysmommie, my little one does not mind infamil to much.. He is now 17 weeks and has his own preference.. cute.. but what am I going to do with all this similac I bought..lol


monkey123 - July 14

I had a hard time mixing Similac powder & water...it was too foamy! I prefer Enfamil.



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