Engorged Drying Out

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Sonrisa - October 2

I stopped br___tfeeding a week ago. I have dried out on one br___t but not on the other. The other br___t is very engorged and big in comparison to the one that dried out. Does anyone have an idea how I can dry out?


MNMOM - October 2

I think time is the best remedy.


pebblesnbambam - October 2

Tight sports bra... cool compresses... and like MN Mom said.. time! I am afraid I will have the same problem when I decided to stop. Always really full on right side... not so much on left!! Are you doing it slowly or just cold turkey?


Sonrisa - October 2

I have been weaning for a month. I weaned one feeding every five days and then kept the last two for two weeks. I then gave up the morning one and then three days later the evening one. I did not have any engorgement until I was down to one feeding. The left b___st just dried up and I never had any engorgement in it, the right still feels like I have something stuck in it. It is so hard. I tried the cabbage leaves last night, they helped just a little.


DB - October 2

maybe pump just a tiny bit to relieve the pain. Don't regular bcp's (because of the estrogen) dry up milk...maybe get a rx for those if you were planning on taking them? Hmmm...maybe lots of exercise....Yes, my left side is always bigger and still makes 4x more than the right side...I am down to one a.m. feeding and 2x pumping each day...hoping to cut one pumping out in a couple weeks...GOod Luck!


Atira36 - October 3

I too am stopping b___stfeeding. I have been doing it gradually for the past month. Today I only fed him once in the morning & no pumping. I am not engorged- so I a__sume I must be dried up. It's kind of sad- I think I am already missing it a little bit. I didn't think it would be this emotional for me. How old is your baby? Mine is almost 6 months. I just couldn't keep it up w/ working full time & he started to enjoy bottles more it seemed. Sigh!


SaraH - October 3

Just give it some time.


Sonrisa - October 3

My baby is 6mths and 3wks. I called the doctor's office and the nurse lactation specialist said to use cabbage leaves. I tried them last night. I have not seen any changes yet. I also started the regular BCP this week. The nurse did say that it takes about 2 wks to dry up.


Sonrisa - October 3

I was sad to stop. I do have to say that making it to 6mths made me happy, but I never thought that I would miss it this much.



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