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MommyMeg07 - February 25

I gave birth 9 days ago, and the dr didn't think he'd have to cut me until the very end, and he said he was going to have to make a very small incision. I was under the impression that it wasn't very bad, because it didn't take long at all for him to sew me up and I had more pain from the pressure feeling in my bottom than anything else. Anyway, today, I've seen THREE st_tches on my toilet paper! I'm not wiping, I'm using the spray bottle and then just patting dry. So, by dissolve I thought they meant they would disappear... but is this what is supposed to happen? Are you supposed to be able to see them when they come out? The only thing I can think of is that I've been itchy with a burning sensation down there for the past few days, so I've been squirming around a little bit to avoid stratching. I've also had several bowel movements, but all soft - nothing I would think would rip them out. Also, I looked down there with a mirror, and it looks as if part of it might be open!! Any advice would be appreciated, I don't know what to do!! I'm calling my dr tomorrow, but what would they do if it HAD opened up? Would you have to have outpatient surgery? (Could they even do that?) YiKES!!!


Ca__sJ - February 25

I had an episiotomy and that did not happen with mine. I hope yours didn't open back up! Get in to see the doctor ASAP!


Patti - February 25

I've had st_tches 4 times and never did I see a st_tch come out. I don't recall hearing about it happening to anyone I know either. I'd call the Dr. to be on the safe side.


3babies - February 26

Hi, yes this can be normal, and the timing is right. It depends on the type of st_tches ... besides which most people dont even see them as they fall into the toilet or out during showers etc. By day nine the majority of the healing is done but It's not uncommon to have a bit of an open area. Usually it is just time and doing as you are now to heal it (sitz baths work too). In some rare cases, yes people need to have a repair done, but I doubt it from the info you have given (I'm a women's health physio, so spent a fair time of my day looking at episiotomies!)


tinkri - February 26

The st_tches that are inside dissolve. If any of the "string" is outside your body, when the inside dissolves, it will just fall off...either in the toilet, on the paper or in your panties. Most women would never notice...you did. I know with my third, I could feel the end of one st_tch sticking out and then one day is was gone.


bradylove - February 26

yeah, it's normal! With both my babies I've had st_tches come out while in the tub and on toilet paper.


Emily - February 26

dont worry completely normal. Three stiches is not bad. I had soem of my stiches fll out. My doc had to cut three times, and I still tore a bit. I lost a lot of blood and was stiched up before they even delivered the placenta. The part of the stiches that are in contact with your skin will dislove and then fall away before they completey disolve. Most of them you wont realize because you dont cathch them on the tp. As long as you are not bleeding fromt he stich area, tehn ou are okay. I didn't notice this with my second, but he only made a sma;ll cut then only cause I was going to tear.


MommyMeg07 - February 27

Thanks everyone! I called my Dr. today and they said that it sounded like everything was okay and if it had opened back up there was nothing they could do about it. WTH? I don't understand how they could say that... I mean mine is probably fine, but what if someone ripped them out after like day 3?


apr - February 27

Hi, I had the same exact thing that you described. I was scared to go to the dr. to have it checked out, because I was so sure that he'd have to st_tch me up all over again. I saw quite a few st_tches on the toilet paper, even though I never wiped, but patted dry like you, after rinsing down the area with the shower hose. And I checked myself down there too, because I could feel everything all raw and I was sure its open, and I felt the same itching like u but on and off all the time. After 6 weeks when I had my appt. the dr did see one tiny scar that was a tiny drop opening, but not bleeding, and he told me that it should close up alone within a couple days, and if not, he'll st_tch it back up. Well, I havent been to him since and everything is fine, and I forgot already all about my episiotomy. It does take time for things to heal, just make sure the area is clean all the time, and if in any doubt, just go to your dr. to make sure all is ok.



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