Erynn21 About Food In The Mesh Bag

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mcatherine - February 22

I saw on a few of your posts that you are feeding your 5.5 mo old daughter fruit in the mesh bag. Are the fruits raw? Are you feeding her anything else in the bag? My son has no teeth, but do you think he could try a banana in one - or anything else? I think he really needs to hold something and am not to crazy about giving him any type of finger food yet, but when we eat he just slams his hands down over and over and watches us and tries to chew the air, lol! I tired to switch to feeding him while we ate, but it hasn't really changed his reaction to watching us. Thanks


Ca__sie06 - February 22

I know this isnt to me but my DS is 6 1/2 months old and I also just introduced the mesh feeder. He loves it! It is still pretty messy, but so far I have given him banana's and apple's and he loves them! I still had to help him hold it a little but he has only used it for a few days.


kristap - February 22

I was wondering about too. I saw this at Target the other day by Munchkin. I didnt know the good age to introduce that. I know mine is too small (3mos). But I had never heard of the mesh feeder or what you would give your lo with it.


Heather F - February 22

I always put bannana, steamed apples, peaches, steamed veggies (carrotts), canned veggies (peas), watermelon.....basically anything that could be mashed with gums. I started to intorduce it at 5 1/2 months old. Its great when they are teething and you put something cold in it, they just love it!


mcatherine - February 22

So, you can steam the fruit and put it in the mesh feeder? I guess that is what I was really wondering since "they" say not to give them raw fruit at 6 months...


Erynn21 - February 22

I give my dd her fruit washed and cut into little pieces in the mesh bag, I guess I'm just not that paranoid. I think if it's washed it should be fine, plus I give her organic fruits only. My friend who's dd is 17 months started giving fruits at about 5.5 months also. Nora hasn't had any issues w/ it, someone on here said to steam the fruit so it would be easier to chew, but I've been giving her fresh pears and apples(both of which she ate cook before )and she's been doing just fine. I think it would be okay for your son, I mean he's really close to 6 months, so I'd give him some fresh stuff, and I know you would prefer organic also. I say try and see, I just cut things up into chunks to fit the bag, and Nora LOVES it, plus it helps SO much when we are eating.


Erynn21 - February 22

Oh yeah, I also give her a spoon when we eat and she shoves that in her mouth, and plays w/ a sippy cup too, it distracts her, so she feels part of what's going on.


Shannah - February 23

i had the same question. i guess i should go get one and try it out!


mcatherine - February 23

Yes, we only have organic fruits and veggies in the house - so maybe I will start with small chunks and move on to steaming if he seems to have trouble! I know that raw fruits would be much easier on me since I only steam in bamboo and its a huge pain to clean, lol! I didn't get one one my last onestepahead order, but I read that someone got one at Target - so I plan to go get one tomorrow and open up his little world! Thanks for the help...


3babies - February 23

Hi Mcatherine ... not sure if you have covered this previously, but instead of using the steamer, have you used the microwave? (Hope this doesnt come across as being silly) Just cube the fruit, put in a bowl with a tbspn of water and soften, then when it is cool, put it in the feeder? As an aside, Abbey helped herself a couple of weeks ago to a piece of her older brothers' banana (along with some hot cross bun later) with no trouble at all .... she is 7 months, just. Depends on the bub and how they manage their food though I suppose. At the moment she can handle some bread and b___ter and soft biscuits ok ... toast however is a different matter ....


mcatherine - February 23

3babies -, I never even considered the microwave, lol.



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