Ever Heard Of Blue Green Poo

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Linda99 - January 14

My 11 wk old has a diagnosed milk protein allergy and has been on Alimentum since he was 3 weeks old. Shortly before he was diagnosed he passed ble/green stool (almost the color of antifreeze, no exageration!). This week he has been suffering from what I thought was a virus with diarrhea, eye infection, post nasal drip and coughing (saw dr., given eye drops and told to use pedialyte). But yesterday he passed more of this blue/green stool. It's quite freaky looking! Anyone ever see this color before??


maryl14 - January 15

what color was the pedialyte some times the dyes in drinks can change the poo color


lexa - January 15

When my dd was in the midst of being diagnosed with reflux and changing formulas, she had a weird colored poo also! It freaked me out! It was a blue/green, but more towards a grayish type color of it. It was very weird, but the doc didn't seem concerned. I really don't know how to describe it. Wasn't toward antifreeze though.


Linda99 - January 15

It was definitely blue/green, not gray. I don't think the pedialyte was the culprate because the first time this happened he hadn't had anything but formula in him. But to answer you're question he drank both the clear and the grape flavored one. His diarrhea seems to have stopped and he has been on nothing but formula for the last 36 hours but tonight his bowl movement seemed to have a bit of bloody mucus. My Dh didn't think it was, but I did. I guess I'll just have to wait for the next movement. What happens when they can't even drink the hypoallergenic formula?????


Rhiannon - January 15

Hi. When one of my babies had bad diarrhea I gave her cherry pedialyte and her poo was red. It scared the c___p out of me. I thought she was bleeding. But my gilrs have also had blue/green/grey stool. It was from a change in formula.


maryl14 - January 15

then they may want you to try goats milk somebabies can only drink that



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