Evicting The Baby

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EricaLynn - January 31

Our daughter sleeps in our room. Last night she had an aweful night, and was up until 3 am crying and screaming. She wanted to be held, fine and dandy I would hold her and rock her until she fell asleep again. Ten minutes later she was up crying again. I know she wants to sleep in bed with us, but its not happening. I dont want to have to break that habbit later! And dh and I are very heavy sleepers, so I dont want anyone to roll over on her. Last night I broke down, I had to let her fuss for five minutes then comfort her, let her fuss for five minutes and then comfort her. I did that for at least an hour or two. She used to sleep in her own bed fine, now she doesnt want to. What am I doing wrong and how can I help her sleep in her own bed? And what would be an appropriate age to kick her into her own room? I said before when she consistantly started sleeping through the night, but this constant fussing makes me want to move her out now! Any thoughts?


Brandi - January 31

My doctor recommeded putting Evan in a different room and getting some ear plugs, but I can't do it... I would feel to guilty, but I have created a bedtime monster by picking him up everytime he cries...so I don't know what the hell to do either hehe.


EricaLynn - January 31

Im glad Im not alone! I dont know what the deal is, she was fine before and now its fuss fuss fuss all night. I know she wants to be in bed with us, or for me to hold her but we made the decision to NOT have any bed babies. How old should she be before letting her cry it out?


maryl14 - January 31

well a little trick i learned with my 31/2 y/o dd when she was a baby she slepted with me and dh because she was on a monitor for her heart and breathing and i just didn't trust just the monitor with her precious little life well seh slepted in our bed until she was a year old and when we went to put her in her own bed oh my goodness i went nuts until her ped. told me to take a stuffed animal (w/ no eyes or strings or anything that could cause a choking hazard and sleep with it a few days so that my smell would get on it and the smell of dh and then put her in her crib with the stuffy to sleep with and see if it worked AND IT DID! thank god she selpted in her bed from that night on


vonzo - January 31

how old is your dd EricaLynn? have you tried swaddling her (if she's young enough) another thing you could try, which is a similar idea to mary's is rolling up a sheet or blanket that has your smell on it and tuck it under her side so she's not flat on her back, she'll feels like she's being cuddled, plus it'll have your smell on it so might trick her into thinking she's being cuddled by you. Hope you get some sleep soon!


vonzo - January 31

read the thread "sleeping in crib" that has some more ideas. Kara H has some good ones!!


EricaLynn - January 31

Dd is only four weeks. We really dont want to turn her into a "bed baby" though. I just got the book "happiest baby on the block" We have tried swaddeling before but she never seemed to respond to it, but I will be trying it again tonight. She sleeps with a "heartbeat bear" wich usualy helps. I will try the side sleeping also, with the rolled up blanket. Its just driving me nuts because she was doing really well just sleeping on her back in her crib....so I guess I feel like she is going backwards.....it was also a discouraging night. She didnt get to sleep until 3am, she was up again at 4:30, then again at 7:30 again at 9:30 and then at 11:45.......she was very restless and fussy. Just discouraged. : (


3babies - February 1

Hi just a suggestion .as I was never one to have bubs in my bed either ... too stressed about rolling on them to sleep!!! I have 3 kids who were all trained to be great sleepers (12 hours at 12 weeks, 9 weeks and 7 weeks).. is she on any type of schedule? Just they tend to "wake up" a bit around this stage and realise what is going on so you need to be a bit more active in teaching her day from night. I tried the approach of feeding roughly 3 hourly during the day even if I had to wake them up from sleep to do it, try a little stimulation after each feed (I know difficult at this young age but easier as they get older), then after they have been awake a maximum of 1 1/2 hours at her age,(from beginning of the feed) put her down to sleep. Try to ensure she takes a good feed each feed, even if you have to wake her up if she dozes off after a few sucks. I kept the feed, awake time, sleep cycle going through the day. Treat the night differently in that you feed in low light, dont talk/stimulate them etc and after the feed straight back to bed to sleep. Also even though I hated to hear them cry, I would let them have the chance to settle themselves if I knew that they were fed, dry and burped ... just tired. Not everyones cup of tea, but it has worked for me ... and my kids dont have any anxiety/attachment problems ...etc from being allowed to cry ... just before I get jumped on!!! Good luck ... just approach it like you are teaching her a new skill ... sleeping by herself as she becomes aware that she is no longer in the womb. It will take time and patience from both of you!


3babies - February 1

Actually just re-read that, and I should say AT LEAST 3 hourly feeds during the day at that age. Usually it was between 2 - 3 hours. You are aiming to get in about 7 - 8 feeds per day at her age. Initially Abbey would go 4 hourly, ( she was a gutz when she did feed) but by 4 weeks, she was wanting to be fed more often than that during the day, but would stretch longer at night. I also believe a feed, then warm bath and top up feed before bed helps them settle too.


Erynn21 - February 1

She's only 4 weeks, not 4 months. Babies at that age do all kinds of weird things, she's probably having a growth spurt or something, obviously she needs something if she's fussing that much. I mean 4 weeks is little, and many babies wake up a few times even into their first year(or later). I can't offer advise on making her sleep in her own bed my dd who's almost 5 months sleeps w/ us because it is the only way we as a family can get any rest. I just think 4 week is a little young to expect her to be always sleeping through the night, but that's just my opinion.


kellens mom - February 1

EricaLynn- our dd was up most every night for her first 3 months. Some people are lucky and get to get some sleep. However, most of us are not. Nap during the day when the baby naps so that you can catch up on your rest and keep you sanity. I will say that we did move our dd into her own room at 5 weeks because she was such a restless sleeper that I was not getting sleep. She was just across the hall, so i could easily hear a whimper or a cry. Keep strong and rest when you can. She will eventually sleep more. Also, hold her while you can...they grow up fast.


Erin1979 - February 1

My daughter will go through phases (which started at about 9 months) where for a few nights she would cry, I would rock, and as soon as she's hit the mattress SCREAM! What I finally did was take her on the couch with me, let her fall asleep,once she was in a deep enoguh sleep, put her back in the crib. I find if she wakes up in her own bed, half the battle is won for me. The stuffie trick is good...I may have to try that!!


EricaLynn - February 2

Erynn Im not expecting her to sleep through the night ever yet. I just feel as though she is going backwards. She would sleep for 3-4 hour streaches before and now she will barely stay asleep for an hour and a half. She was kind of on a schedual before were there was a nap during the day and would wake up 1-3 times at night. Then she started just not sleeping and fussing all night. Swaddeling white noise and binkies helped a little last night. Thanks ladies for all the help and suggestions!


LollyM - February 2

you say lo is a month old, well this is the time "colic" tends to start. Now, I don't believe in colic, I think that babies cry for a reason, not for no reason. Anyway, our dd was like that for quite some time. It turns out that she had reflux (we didn't find out for sure until she was 4 mos.) anyway, we put a pillow under the head of her mattress when she was a month and a half old and that helped allot because she was not flat on her back, but her head was elevated a little. Is your dd b___st or formula fed? sometimes formula can be tough on the digestive system, and you just need to change the kind. If you bf, than make sure you don't drink caffeine for a few months until she can metabolize the caffeine. I learned that the hard way! I would also try what these other ladies are sujesting. It's all about trial and error at this point, but don't worry it gets easier as they get older =) mine is almost 6 months and about a month ago, dh and I realized that we had gotten past the hardest part of early parenting! It's sad when you realize that your baby is growing up, but it's nice to get some sleep! Oh also, our dd was really ga__sy for a while, and rubbing her little tummy helped her to pa__s the gas. Skin on skin contact between mother and baby can also be really soothing for baby, and for you =)


MelG - February 3

My advice would be to not expect a "routine" to stay that way for very long at this age. My dd went through so many "routines" just when I would think I had it figured out, she would change and we would be on a new schedule. Even now as she is 7 months old, things are still changing. Unfortunately, kids don't run like clockwork. You will need to adapt to your baby and all the schedule changes she will go through, not the other way around.



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