Example Feeding Sleeping Schedules

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aggie03 - January 24

Does anyone know a book (or personal example) where I could find a feeding schedule? Im going back to work soon and the nanny is asking about a feeding schedule. dd usually eats about every 3 hours but its a different hour every day. shes starting to sleep like 6-7 hours at night too, should I change it to 2.5 hours so she gets more feedings in a day? Does it really matter what time they go to bed? dd (6weeks) is sleeping midnightish to 7ish right now.


CaliTrish - January 24

At 6 weeks, I would just feed your dd on demand. She should be giving cues when she starts getting hungry. At that age, my ds would stick out his tongue or start "noodling" looking for a b___b when he was hungry. If you didn't catch these cues quick enough, he'd start wailing. Now at 3 months, he slurps on his fists when he's hungry.


BriannasMummy - January 24

I agree with CaliTrish. You should try to feed your dd when she wants to be fed.. shell definatly let you know when. My dd is also 6 weeks and she tells me when she is hungry.. she eats between 3 and 7 hours.. about 4oz everytime. Starts sucking into the air or eating on her hands if she is hungry. ~Kristin~


Kara H. - January 24

Six weeks is a little early for a firm schedule. Max was around 10 before things fell into place and we have been on it since. (6months old now). My husband works second shift so we go to bed late, wake up late. Ped said that was fine until we get within a year of school age then we will need to start moving the schedule back. Max gets up at 10am has a bottle, socializes, then goes down for a 1-2 hour nap. Bottle #2 is between 1 and 2pm. He will fall into a 3 hour feeding schedule for the rest of the day. There will either be two or three 1-2 hour naps during the rest of the day. He goes down for the night around midnight, after playing with hubby for a half an hour or so. Occasionally he will wake up about 6 hours into the night for a bottle, but not very often. Maybe 1-2 nights in a row once a month - growth spurt I suppose.



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