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Angela in California - February 22

OK, just wondering if anyone has recommendations on a good workout video/DVD for losing the baby weight. I was told I could not exercise for 6 weeks after my C-section, and the 6 weeks will be up in 2 weeks. I want to start exercising right away but I won't be able to go to the gym much because of the baby.


KrisD - February 22

Hmmm... I don't know of any DVDs, but I started walking immediately after having the baby. At first it was literally a five minute walk, but by my 6 week appt I waswalking half an hour - that is about 2 miles. Now I walk or run at least three miles a day (two days off) and lost all the weight in about 3.5 months. I've never been diligent enough to do a workout tape. I get too bored!


jg - February 22

I'm with KrisD - walk walk walk. I lost 11 kgs in 8 weeks, have only walked twice in the last two weeks and my weight has remained the same, so I've got to get back out there to lose the rest!!


Angela in California - February 26

thanks guys. I am walking everyday about 30-60 minutes, but it's not working. I have weighed the same (20 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight) for the last 2 weeks. I delivered 4 weeks ago and I'm just anxious to start seeing more weight come off. I lost 25 pounds the first 2 weeks (I gained too much during pregnancy!!!), but still have 20 more to go. Ugh!


C - February 26

I just got Turbo Jam DVD's and after a week I can already tell my abdominal muscles are getting stronger. It's pretty much kick boxing but not as hard as Tae Bo. I normally love to walk but it's been too cold here in Ohio.


Erin1979 - February 26

It's so frustrating. The next baby I have is going to be born in april or may. That way, by the time 6 weeks is up, I'll have lots of warm weather to walk. Having a baby before the winter sucks! You can't always get out, and where I live, no one shovels their sidewalks!! I think I'm going to join a gym (if I can find someone to look after my dd)


MJM - February 27

The best way to lose the "fat" part adn get toned is to exercise first thing in the morning. Dont eat anything, just drink a little water. Get your cardio going for a good 45 minutes. It does not matter what video you do or if you jog, but keep it up for 45 minutes. I know it is a long time. Just start with 20 and everyday add a few minutes, if 45 is too long. The reason why you want to do it in the morning is because there is not food in your system and all you are going to do is burn fat. Be sure not to eat past 7pm at night or sooner if you can. Then for your meals eat a good carb, a good fat and a good protien. Good fats are like apples, good carbs are rice, oatmeal and small portion of potato, and good protien is 1 egg,fish or small portion of chicken. This does truely work very well. My brother and his girlfriend are professional body builders and trainers. She told me this is the best way. Even if you dont want to change your eating habbits if you do the cardio right away in the am on an empty stomache that alone with burn the fat because there is nothing else for it to burn. My son is a couple days shy of 8 wks and I am 10lbs less now then when I got pg. Good luck


Shea - February 27

I love the Denise Austin dvds...I really thought she would get on my nerves, but she is really positive. I have one that has several different levels, and so you can work your way up to more vigorous workouts.


mommy716 - February 27

I do my Stott Pilates 1-3 times a day! it seems like its wearing you out while you are doing them but they end giving me a burdt of energy and I feel amazing after doing them! its only a 20 minute work out.


Andrews Mommy - February 27

I joined weight watchers and love it! My little one is almost 7 months old and since joining I have lost 30lbs (joined 2 months ago) and am 16lbs less than when I got pregnant! I walk every day for at least an hour and jog 3 times a week for half an hour. As well I do some toning exercises in the morning. I eat smaller portions than before and am making wiser eating choices!


Corissa - February 28

Has anyone tried YogaBootyBallet? I was just curious if it was any good.


Nerdy Girl - March 1

Andrews Mommy, I just joined WW too! I have lost 4 pounds in my first two weeks. Hopefully it keeps working for me because I gained so much weight with this baby. I gained 50 pounds with both of my pregnancies, but with the first one I left the hospital 30 pounds lighter (10 pound baby, 10 pound placenta, fluid, etc). With this 2nd pregnancy I left the hospital 8 pounds lighter. What the hell? I had a 9 pound baby... shouldn't I have at least lost NINE POUNDS!?!?!? Ugh. It's so depressing.


Mommy - March 1

Try Richard Simmons. Yes, it's geeky, but it's fun at the same time and works pretty well. Pilates are good, too. Walking is excellent! If it wasn't so d__n cold out I would be walking everyday. Goodluck losing the weight, ladies! Swimsuit season is coming up, be prepared. Wish me luck, too. I have about 30lbs to lose.



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