Exersaucer And Time Limit In It

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Nita_ - March 9

have any of you heard/read about a time limit as to how much a baby spends in an exersaucer? I was talking to my friend today and was mentioning how much my dd is enjoying her exersaucer and she said the max the babies are supposed to spend is 15-20 mts per day?! Sometimes I just put her in it and get shower/cooking/cleaning done. if 15-20 is the time, I would get NOTHING done!


HannahBaby - March 9

OMG im going to sound like a bad mom but i used to put my daughter in it for HOURS a day (not all in one shot) but about 2 hours in the morning, one or two in the afternoon and maybe one in the evening. She loved it and would sit there all day as long as she was dry and fed. Jacob, however, wont sit in ANYTHING for longer than 20 minutes.....I guess you cant win them all huh.


venus_in_scorpio - March 9

as long as baby is happy and comfortable im sure its fine. my only concern would be for younger babies learning how to use their muscles they might get sore after while but if baby is happy then play it by ear. how old do they have to be for those or a bouncer? Ithink DD is almost ready she's 4 months


mandee25 - March 9

I have something like an exersaucer but it's called an Intellitainer. It's a bit bigger with more toys and the baby can move from side to side, like in a walker.Anyways, my ds who is 15 weeks old will only stay in it 20 minutes at a time right now. Venus, what do you mean by bouncer? The vibrating bouncy chair or do you mean the jumper thing?


mcatherine - March 9

I limited the time my son spent in it a day (30 minutes/ 15 mins morning 15/mins night) until he could sit up una__sisted because it seemed like he wasn't developing a good sense of balance (which I want to say is why you are supposed to limit the time but I could easily be wrong). After he began sitting una__sisted really well, I let him stay in there for as long as he wants. At 6 months he seems to be getting bored - but he likes to watch Baby E in it in the mornings...


HannahBaby - March 9

i think she meant the jumperoo (?? venus) my son LOVES LOVES LOVES the jumperoo. Hes been in it from about 4 months, but he has very very good head controll.


mcatherine - March 9

oh - venus - my son was in his bouncer/jumper at a week before he turned 4 months. He loved it!!!!



15-20 minutes PER DAY!!!!! PLEAZZZ!!! My daughter loves her jumperoo, she spends about 30 minutes 2 to 3 times a day. She also has an exersauceer, intellitainer, stationary walker, and step and play piano in which she spends about 5-10 minutes a day. I just keep these in different areas of the house, so that way I can free up my hands for a few minutes a day.



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