Exersaucer Or Walkers

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monica - November 15

Which in your opinion is better. I might go and buy one today.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 15

We just bought Lucas the Fisher Price smart steps excersaucer, it is really cool. He likes it but I think he gets a little overstimulated in it right now. He will love it when he gets a little older, I am sure. Walkers are a little less bulky, but the excersaucers look like so much more fun.


Jbear - November 15

Exersaucer! We had one for our first daughter and we loved it. She would spend hours in it, and it was especially great once she started crawling, because we could put her in the exersaucer and know she'd stay put. I never had a walker for her because I've read so many places that walkers are dangerous.


Mommy - November 15

I like excersaucers too. They are much safer than walkers. Both my boys had an excersaucer and a walker and they prefered the excersaucer. It has more activities too usually. :o)


Kathryn - November 15

My son's pediatrician told us not to buy a walker. If we did get one, to take the wheels off. But, We already had a walker. We kept the wheels on. There are no steps in our house. My son loves it. He's all over the place in it. If I had steps, I would never have one.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 15

I have an exersaucer and my mother has a walker. Amayas doc told us not to use a walker b/c the majority of her weight is in her head and it is the only thing not being held in by the seat so she could easily flip over or out. We have a Graco exersaucer.


ally - November 15

i am in aus and i have no idea what an exersaucer is, walkers, no way they can make their legs go bandy and are banned in most places, very dangerous


Sonya - November 15

We had both and my son loved both equally. We had a single story house with no steps so walker safety wasn't an issue.


Ashley - November 16

I have the Baby Einstien exersaucer and my daughter LOVES it. Its been a lifesaver!!!!


Julie - November 16

With my first son we did use a walker and he loved it but he did walk late and I contribute that to the use of the walker. They are making a new exersaucer now I am not sure of the brand but the advertis____nt was in this month's issue of Parent's Magazine and it starts out as a saucer and convertst to a walker that you push instead of sit in. I am going to look for that when my son get's old enough. It said 4 months +.


monica - November 16

i think thats the one from bright start. but its not out in stores yet.i want that one too but i am sure its going to cost lots of $$$$ the regulers ones already do.


BBK ® © - November 16

We have an excercaucer type of toy called "hop n pop" by fisher price. It's been great as a developmental tool and the baby played with a different toy on it every two days or so. Not sure when she'll outgrow it but I'm betting soon. Haven't heard positive comments about walkers, except from some "old school" people.


Julie - November 16

Actually I looked it up it is from Kolcraft for babies 4-18 mo. It is called Baby Sit & Step 2-in-1 Activity Center.


Jadyns Mommy - November 16

Thanks for this post monica and to everyone that responded. I have been going back and forth between the 2 for so long that Jadyn is going to be too darn big for one soon so I need to make a decision. This helped a TON!!!! :-)


Kathryn - November 16

I was curious, why does a walker delay walking? I really should do research. My son loves rolling around in his walker.


Julie - November 16

I don't know that it delays walking I just think since they can sit in a walker they aren't really doing all the work. The one I mentioned in the previous post doesn't have a seat they just push it.


Shelly - November 16

At what age do you put a baby in an excersaucer??



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