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krnj - June 28

I want to get an exersaucer for my ds who is 4 months. Any suggestions which one to get?


Bonnie - June 28

I have the Evenflo Circus one. It's a mid priced one and Mason loves it.


Narcissus - June 28

I bought the Evenflo Smart Steps. The more entertainment the saucer has, the better, IMO.


cae - June 28

I have and Evenflo one too, but I think it is an older style, was given to us. Just wondering did any of you guys by a walker for you LO?


Ang - June 28

I like the Evenflo playstation/learning centre. I have it for Gabriel and he loves it!


jessb - June 28

Alyssa has the evenflo one and she loves it!!! IT is soo cute.


Annette - June 28

I bought the Baby Einstein´s and still don´t know who likes it the most, my baby or me. It keeps him entertained and THANK GOD q-u-i-e-t!!!!


AmandaManns - June 28

I bought an exersaucer and my son hates it. He never did like it and it was a big waste of money for me. It is just amazing to me how one thing can entertain a certain baby for hours and the next baby hates it.


Bonnie - June 28

Very true. We spent a $100 bucks on a swing and Mason HATES it.


JAI - June 28

We have the Evenflo Ultra with the castle and our son Jordan loves it. He uses it all the time. And I can do house chores when he is in it. It is great!


Meredith - June 29

I got the one that had the most toys at babies r us. I think it is evenflo? Cant remember, it had a bar that snaps in like on a bouncy seat and had toys hanging from it. They play music when baby pulls them. I would make sure that the one you get bounces. Some of them dont...


Narcissus - June 29

The exersaucer is a great alternative to tv if you are the kind of mom that uses tv to catch a break for housework or just a plain old shower. I could put my son in his and bring him into the bathroom while I showered and got ready for the day.


JEN - June 29

How do you guys keep them clean? I found one that I wanted to get for my ds, but the thought of all his spit-up and drool in all of those little places made me think maybe it was not a good idea...we have a jumperoo, which he loves, but I have to pop off the 3 attachments daily to wipe them down or things get pretty nasty...any suggestions?


erenimi - June 29

We have the baby einstein one, and Aislyn LOVES it. Keeps her happy for up to an hour at a time. Its my hero.


Renee-Marie - June 29

As my sister-in-law told me - you'll want to get the one with the most stuff on it. Choose one with lots of colors and toys because after all, you'll want your child to entertain him/herself if you have to do something and cannot hold him yourself. Good luck & Have fun!


nic nac - June 29

I have the smart steps exersaucer. Jen my dd drools all over it too. I Pampers makes these nontoxic wipes that are used to clean baby toys and any surface baby touches. I use those wipes to clean up the drool.



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