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jennifer_33106 - November 18

When you had your first child ladies, how did you know what to do? I have been inquiring around my local area for some type of infant care class but nothing at all is offered The L&D say that they give you a crash course while you are there but that dosent ease my fears. I have never really been around a newborn much less cared for one. Does it come naturally? Do you just know what to do? Is there a book out there that I could get to better prepare us for life with our daughter? Thanks!!


rohan - November 18

somthings may come naturally but, I was surprised how a lot has to be learned: I wasn't expecting b___stfeeding to be so tough and was surprised with how frequently a baby needed food etc. etc.. You should take the cla__s - Knowing the small things help aswell. Like how babies top part of the head is so tender and should be handled very carefully etc. You can always use this forum for advise - everyone is really helpful. THe books outthere that people swear by. What to expect in the the first year ( I like it ) Baby whisperer (never used it but people like it a lot) I also like the line of books by Dr. sears. I still have to get all of them Congratulations !


DB - November 18

We did not take any sort of cla__s. I read a book about newborns, but by the time we had the baby and came home I forgot everything I read...like how a b___stfed baby's poop is seedy and yellow...we thought our 2 day old was sick!!! I had read all about poop and forgotten it. I think you will pick up a lot of it naturally. I have a Baby 411 book that I kinda like. I peek into it every now and again still. Our hospital also sent us home with the AAP book from birth-5years. It's all about development, eating, behaviour, sleeping etc...that book is handy. Everyone here is great and can offer LOTS of advice. I was surprised how much my dd slept as a newborn...only awake to eat. I thought that was odd, but now I know it's perfectly normal!!! So, I'm either way about cla__ses...some with L+D cla__ses...we just winged it and we're doing well I think! Good luck!!


DB - November 18

that should be SAME with L+D cla__ses.


squished - November 18

We didn't take a newborn cla__s as our son was born on the day we were supposed to go :) They did show us some things in the hospital and a few extras as our ds was in the NICU for 3 weeks. And I had nothing come naturally to me LOL! I was so nervous about everything I did and had no idea what I was doing. I did buy a book on baby care in case I had questions and I kept my mom and sil's phone numbers close by. It is a MAJOR learning curve and it wasn't until he was 3 months that I felt like we turned a corner. Good luck and you'll find your own groove and way of doing things!


DDT - November 18

I never took a baby care cla__s/course. I read a few books during my pregnancy. But really, like others have said...once you bring that baby home and for the first few months all that info goes out the window. Firstly, you will be completely exhausted for the first few months.and will just do anything and everything to get some extra sleep. Secondly, every baby is different...eg. I read that the first 1-2wks of a baby's life is considered the "honeymoon" period because all they do is sleep. Well, tell that to my son because he was the complete opposite. I wasn't ready for it. I knew that babies eat alot but was not physically and mentally ready to be getting up every 1hr or less to feed him. I was not prepared for the huge hormonal shifts going on with myself after the pregnancy. The books tell you these things but you don't actually think about it as its happening to you. I think that once you have your baby you will find the flow that works best for within a few weeks. I think keeping a book around on baby health and care will be a good a__set once baby is around...it can serve as a guide if you ever get stuck. Also, a book that helped me was "The Baby Whisperer" (3rd series) when I thought I was going to lose my mind. It helped put things in perspective. Good luck!


CWeber - November 19

They teach you the basics at the hospital, a lot is common sense and the rest you can read up on. I had my first this year as well and didn't know ANYTHING about babies, not even how to change a diaper. Came pretty quickly with being shown the basics and I have found it is pretty easy and common sense overall.


wailing - November 19

I was really lucky b/c I had a C-section so I got to stay in the hospital for 4 nites!!! The nurses taught me alot and helped tremendously. I would ask as many questions as possible while your there. Try getting DVD's if u can online or read a ton of books. I read ALOT and it made me feel better. What to Expect the First Year. Baby 411, Baby Whisperer, and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child were all my favorites. But, other then that, I think alot of it (as far as loving them and comforting them) is all instinct. You'd be suprised at how easily it comes once they're here:-) Good Luck to u. Cherish the moments they go by fast!!!


jennifer_33106 - November 21

Thanks Ladies! I wish they had an infant care cla__s somewhere around here but nothing! haha I am going to definatly look into the book you guys suggested and thankyou for all tips and advice. I really appriciate it!


angeev - November 25

I worked in infant child care for over 6 years so I thought I knew everything...nope. It is so totally different and even though I have experience with infants, so much has been trial and error. But after a week I felt so much more comfortable than I ever thought I would. The hospital gave us so much helpful information, but I was pretty out of it most of the time. I strongly reccommend reading the info they send home with you, most of my questions and concerns were answered there. I am not a book person but have heard "What to expet the first year" is great and the hospital rec Dr Sears books. If your hospital has an advice nurse that is great, I call ours all the time even for non-medical things.



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