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shelly22 - March 27

I have a 6 week old and now just let him sleep whenever he wants like I think I'm supposed to do. When do I start putting him down for naps, how old were your babies when you started putting them down for naps? Now I just let him sleep whenever he wants, is that what you guys do?


AudreyS - March 27

Hi shelly,, my son is 13 weeks, and i pretty much let him sleep when he wants..I am a new mommy also...Now that he is getting older, i can tell when he is tired, so i try and put him down,,


pbj - March 27

I have a 4 1/2 month old and just about 3 weeks ago I started trying to get her on a schedule. So, the answer to your question is yes, let him sleep whenever he wants. When he gets to be about 4 months you can try to follow a schedule, but they change so often that you just kinda have to roll with it. Really you can't get them to even try a schedule till their about that age. Sounds like you're doing exactly the right thing.


luvbendict - March 27

Hi there, my son is 81/2mths old and I let him sleep whenever he wants since he was a baby. His sleeping schedule is still unpredictable. Some days he would take few naps some days he would sleep longer. I think the best way is just to follow yr baby's cue, when yr baby is older you can pretty much tell when he is tired.


tiffani - March 27

Absolutely! Let you son sleep whenever he wants to. My kids all started to fall into their own routine around 3 1/2 months. I just took mental notes as to when they were tired/hungry and before I knew it, it became routine. My kids (I have 3 of them) are all like clockwork now. Once you figure out nap times, the key is to keep it consistant. Good luck! :o)


jg - March 27

My baby has always slept when he is ready. He normally has 3-4 naps through the day - as soon as he shows his first tired sign I put him in his cot and off the laa-laa land he goes! The times of his naps are pretty regular - early morning, late morning, early-mid afternoon and late afternoon/early evening. We don't have set times for his naps but our system works really well. I have done this since he was born and it has worked well for us.


Frances - March 28

My son is now 4 and I can honestly tell you that we just put him down for a nap whenever he seemed like he needed one. We did that till he was over a year old, probably closer to two and he eventually got into a groove where his naps started to happen at about the same time every day. It's not worth the trouble to try and make baby sleep when he wants to be awake and vice versa. He'll let you know when he's ready to sleep!!! Good luck and congrats on your new baby!!!


Happy Mom - March 28

I agree with the other moms. Your baby will start to nap at the same time every day you just need to pay attention to the times. My 8 month old likes a short nap in the morning, a long nap in the afternoon and often a short nap in the evening but not always. He has been doing this since about 3 months.



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