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olivesmom - April 3

I am wondering how much eye contact your babies have with you? My baby girl is 3 months old and has very limited eye contact. I will try to get her to look at me when she is sitting in her bouncy chair. I will be very close to her and she will ook everywhere but at me. She does look at me when I am a little farther back, but only when I can engage her in cooing. I notice that she does it with everyone that trys to get her to look at them. What could be going on, or is this normal?


KrisD - April 3

Hi there - I always worry about this as well, but can remember REALLY worrying about it at about that time period (3 months). Lack of eye contact CAN be an indication of something, but at 3 months, they are wildly taking in their surroundings too - and don't want to keep their gaze in any one spot. I would try to comfort myself by reminding myself how great his eye contact was even when he was just days old. He would study my face as I talked to him. Next time you go to pick her up from her crib, where there isn't too much stimulus, try engaging her then. If you have a TV on and the Dad in the room and the trees outside the window, and so on, it may not be a good time... IF you are still nervous, talk to the ped!


PaigeMeagans mommy - April 3

My daughter is just going on 3 months and she is the same way. Sometimes the only way she will pay attention to me is if I sit her against a pillow laying down on the bed in front of me. Then she will stare at me like madd. Try that, because otherwise my dd is the same as yours.


The real Lissi - April 3

My daughter does this too. She's a very happy, sociable baby, but she has moments in the day where I just can't get her to look at me. I used to worry about it, but she's 6 months now and I noticed she does it, (A) when she's tired. (B) when she's hungry and (C) when she just needs some time out from me. If I know she's well fed and not sleepy, I just put her on the floor with some toys to play by herself for a while. After a while she's all smiles and ready for attention again. Nothing stops her watching a Baby Einstein DVD though! :-D



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