Eyes Rolling Back When Sleepy

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margie - February 5

My LO's eyes roll back when she is falling asleep and she will keep her eyes open for a while too and make all these crazy faces like really big smiles (but she still isnt smiling like that when awake yet) and frowns and scowling. This morning when I tried to wake her up because she had been asleep a very long time overnight she was the same way and it took her a while to snap out of it. My family keeps telling me this is normal and that when I tried to wake her up this morning and she did it, it was because she was in the middle of a dream. Does anyone elses LO do this when falling asleep or waking up?


J.J. - February 5

It's your baby's REM state. While it takes us a while to reach REM, babies get there in a matter of moments. Apparently the guy who discovered this learned about it by watching his children sleep.


tish212 - February 5

alexa does it all the time...she also sometimes keeps her eyes slightly open while sleeping. sometimes she will frown and cry a completely different cry as well and it takes me a while to comfort her b/c she stays asleep during it. she is smiling at us occasionally though...(like when I shake her rattle she will smile but not everytime) I'm sure ur lo is 100% fine...but I am in no way ridiculing u for asking cuz if u didn't u wouldn't find out ya know? in the book ur babys first year it says a babies sleep cycle is.... 2 cycles deep and light..during deep ur baby is relatively unresponsive, if u shake a rattle in his ear he may stir a little but not much..during light sleep the noise will startle him and awaken him..light sleep u may see rapid movements of his eyes beneath closed lids..as ur baby wakes up or falls asleep his eyes will roll back under drooping eyelids and he may stretch yawn or jerk arms and legs...hope that helps and makes sense....


Mariefe - February 6

My baby girl who is now 3 months old did that since birth. She' so funny to look at when she smile, frowns and roll or half open her eyes while she sleeps. Now she does it less. Its completely normal for babies.. I heard people say that babies do that because they communicate with their guardian angels..


pregnantjackie - February 6

aw! I remember when my Liam was doing that little "I'm in heaven face" He hadn't done it in months but recently tried solids and made the face again!


tish212 - February 6

mariefe- that is beautiful...I'm a little emotional right now due to lack of sleep but that brought a tear to my eye...



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