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suze42 - September 19

Christine, Jo, Karen, Melissa, Brooke check in! :)


c_baer19 - September 19

Just checking in! MELISSA.. do you have a date for the surgery yet? JO, that would bug me too, but what can you do, you know? BROOKE.. let me know what you hear about the bumbo seat, one of DH's coworkers just gave us one today and I'm about to start using it.


JerseyGirl - September 19

SUZE: Don't laugh - I actually DID think about waking him up so she would do something, but he woke up on his own about 5 minutes later. I, too have a Bumbo seat so BROOKE, let us know! David seems to like it for short periods of time. I'm thinking of getting the Jumperoo together, though I still think he's young.


bl - September 19

Suze, I was on yaz before and liked it. I think I had some spotting mid cycle, but that was it. I'm also prone to spotting, so it prob won't be an issue for you. Christine, the bunbo thing was a dad had the bumbo on the table with his 4 or 5 month old and the thing tipped back and he fell off the table and had to have surgery on his head. He ended up being fine, but they said he could have died. The news is doing their own study on it and it will be on tonight at 6. I'll try to watch it.


Melissa32179 - September 19

Brooke: I too some times think that I am crazy because DH and I are ALREADY talking about number 3!!!! With all the talk the doc said about the possiblity of this surgery making me not be able to have more really hit home and we both decided that we want at least one more. But days like today makes me want to get a one way ticket to Jamacia and never look back. Ellis has been acting as if she does not feel well. Projectile Spitting up...I do not want to think that it is vomit...crying constantly especially if I put her down...she has only been sleeping for about 20 minutes at a time...her face is red (which I think is wierd) she is just all around not in a feeling good mood...you ladies know how you can tell...and that it is not colic...good lord I would shoot myself if she had colic!!!! Christine and Suze: congrats on the good nights of sleep. Am I the only one who has the baby STILL in the room with her??? I think next week after this surgery I am seriously going to start putting her in her crib at night. Last night and every other night she will go to sleep at 9ish and sleep until 2ish but then WILL NOT sleep in her own bed...she will only sleep on me and she thinks she needs to nurse the WHOLE TIME!!!!!! Well the surgery is tomorrow!!!! We have to be there at 5:45 AM!!! the surgery lasts about an hour and a half and then post op for they said about an hour to two hours depending on how well I do. The I am out of commission for at leat 48 hours...oh and get this NO NURSING for 48 hours either. I will have to pump and dump...and Ellis is going to get her first taste of Formula tonight (mixed with half b___st milk) and she will get that for 48 hours. ( I guess that made up my mind on supplementing huh SUZE!!!) I will check in some time tomorrow if I get a chance!!! Wish me luck!


bl - September 19

Melissa, good luck tomorrow. I know everything will be just fine. :) Last night I had my mil try a bottle with formula and H was not that interested in it. I will try again soon because eventually he will not be hanging off the good ol' mommy bags!!! I think if we ever have a third, we would adopt a baby girl from China. I know this sounds a little crazy, but we would love a daughter, I have a biracial sister who's adopted and I had some fertility issues before and I don't know if I want to go through that all over. Anyway, dh and I will broach the topic when H is a year old. For now, I'm getting rid of all my baby boy stuff!


c_baer19 - September 19

BROOKE - I would always have it on the floor anyway, so I guess that's not an issue for me. MELISSA - Good luck with the surgery!! And no, you're not alone, like I said Alana still sleeps ON me, all night long. And I don't even sleep in the bedroom yet, I'm still out on the couch with her! We're moving the Pack N Play into the bedroom this weekend (or so we plan on doing) and we're going to start putting her in there. But lately she won't even take naps in there.. I just put her down sound asleep in it and she's already up, this is the second or third time today she's done that! Good luck with supplementing, too.. I am having the hardest time with it. Alana HATES the formula and now a__sociated the bottle with half b___stmilk/half formula I think, because I have a hard time getting her to take even a bottle with just b___stmilk now. She gets fussy and cries while eating and then is fussy the rest of the night! Gotta go.. be back later.


suze42 - September 19

how wierd, i posted and it didnt show up...but not really wierd...b/c i probably had to get up to 'service 'a child and forgot to push "submit"..lol anywhoo...brooke, i totally wanted to adopt a chinese baby girl after Jeremy and the 2 miscarraiges...i would have been in heaven...i love those sweet girls...BUt my DH was not on board b/c he has a moronic adopted (american!!) older brother that totaly disrupted his family;s lives...so he had a bad taste of adoption. Bummer...but i would go for it...i would stil do it if he would agree..but he wont. And our family is totally complete and wonderful. Natalie has a bit of a cold...i thought we all had allergies..but not. She doesnt seem unhappy, but has snotty nose and cough(its so cute). I guess i cant give her anything...so i just suction and elavate. DH and Jeremy are out back playing w/his new "golf" set...and Nat and I are hanging.


JerseyGirl - September 19

So the nanny told me today she thinks David is teething. He's been drooling constantly for about 2 weeks now (I think), soaking through bibs. He was pulling on his ears yesterday and she said that's another sign (really???). He's also chewing on the bottle nipple and pacifier at times. Today he took a 1.5-hour nap, then a 25-minute one, and now he's been asleep for nearly an hour again. Oye, I'm afraid he won't sleep well tonight... Wish me luck!


c_baer19 - September 20

JO - I'm really not sure about the teething. My DH thinks Alana is teethin - she drools EVERYWHERE now and has for at least a week or two, but she's only two months! I didn't think they teethed this early, that's what I told him too.


suze42 - September 20

Jeremy drooled for months before he actually cut a tooth..so it may be the beginning of teething, but the tooth could be a few months away. He wore a bib constantly b/c of his drool. Natalie isnt doing it yet. Shes just snotting everywhere. Uck.


bl - September 20

Suze, I hope Nat feels better soon. Poor little girl! Was she able to sleep last night? Oh, and thanks for not thinking I'm nuts about the whole adoption thing ;) Jo, don't know about teething this early, I'm sure it is possible. Charlie didn't get teeth until 8 months and he didn't drool at all. Hudson doesn't drool yet either. He does like to suck his thumb, it's cute, but I don't want it to become a habit. I try to give him the paci too. Melissa, I hope you have a speedy recovery today. Hi Christine and Karen


JerseyGirl - September 20

Teething doesn't mean they'll get a tooth tomorrow, it just means the process of getting one/them. I'm sure he is. It's early, but hey, my baby nurse during week 1 said he was advanced. The nanny says the same thing, ironically, so it doesn't surprise me! David did well again last night: slept from 10:45 until 6:05. Ate and then slept again (or is it considered a nap) from 7 until 9:15-ish. No nanny today so I'm on my own. Oh wait, maybe I should work :)


suze42 - September 20

They say teething habits are hereditary...if you teethed early then your children may.....I have no idea when I teethed..i was the undoc_mented 4th child...im a mystery. lol Speedy recovery to you melissa! Hope it wasnt too bad. Natalie did NOT sleep well last night...she had to lay on DH for a while...she was coughing and snotty...so is jeremy...im just going from nose to nose with the kleenex..and of course suctioning Nats out. love it.


krnj - September 21

Hey girls, I'm still alive, but barely! lol I'm exhausted! These kids are killing me! Tyler's still sleeping w/me on the couch. I know I really have to stop that! Christian goes nonstop all day and has been having tantrums lately. Dh informed me that he's working tomorrow so guess I'm on my own, ugh! I think I may have to go to the gyno, I feel like I'm getting some kind of infection. We haven't even done the deed yet! lol Jo, Christian started teething when he was 3 months but didn't get a tooth until he was like 5 or 6 months, I forget. Suze, hope Nat feels better soon! Nothing worse than a sick baby! Melissa, have a speedy recovery! I'll try to come back later.


c_baer19 - September 21

MELISSA - hope your surgery went well yesterday and here's hoping to your quick recovery! Alana slept a 5-6 hour stretch last night, which was great, but she stayed up until 11. I was SOO tired and frustrated trying to get her to sleep, but she was just sitting there wide awake for 2 hours, not fussy or anything, just sitting there!


suze42 - September 21

Christine, Natalie did that for awhile too...its so frustrating when you are SO tired and those little eyes are wide open! I got Natalie down at 830pm again last night...this is new and im loving it. Karen, God bless ya! Can you get someone to help you out tommorrow? Yesterday was pretty rough here...J didnt have school, they both were snotty and DH didnt get home until 9PM! I thought i was gonna lose it around 5p...but i think God knew i was on the edge and the kids really behaved when the evening came arouind. J has school today and im so glad just to have Nat and try to straighten this PIT i call a house. Hang in there Karen!



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