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krnj - November 26

Hey girls, hope everyone had a good weekend. We had Tyler's Christening yesterday. All went very well! He was so good, didn't even cry. Christian is sick and we were up all night with him screaming!! DH took off since he didn't get any sleep. We're taking him to the dr at 2 today. I hope Tyler doesn't get it. BBL


c_baer19 - November 26

Alana slept from 8:30 or 9 last night until 4 AM without eating!!!! Man do I wish I had put her down instead of accidentally falling asleep with her on me, LOL. She ate around 4, and then again a little at 5:30 because DH's alarm clock woke her up a little, but she has been asleep since and it's now 7:30. She's kind of stirring, but still.. exciting! I didn't sleep the whole time of course, I was up a bunch of times checking on her and because I'm so used to waking up all the time. KAREN, I hope he feels better! JO, how crazy. It's good for your H to spend some time alone with David though, and get an idea of what it's like!


bl - November 26

Hi girls! We had a nice Turkey. Busy but nice. Yesterday we went and cut down our x mas tree! Oh Vegas, I'm there! That would be so much fun. Karen, I hope Christian feels better, the poor thing. Glad to hear the christening went well. Christine, congrats on Alana sleeping. Jo, good luck with all your work. I'm sure you'll miss David like crazy. Hi Melissa. Suze, TGIM!! (Monday) My dh is being an a__s, too long and lame to get into. I'm soo hapy he's back at work hehe! Don't mess with the mamma! LOL!


bl - November 26

Turkey Day oops!


suze42 - November 26

busy busy day...trying to wrap up the clean up from guests....grocery shopping (all i do is buy food) ran to Kohls to get J some socks and pj's...just runhing around. Gosh i swear J doesnt listen to me anymore...its so d__n frustrating. But the house is mostly clean... Anyone else feel like the walls are closing in w/all the baby stuff around. I dont know how were gonna get a tree in this room! Our house is really feeling small. Oh and i bought a little tykes play area thing for babies...its gonna take up some major floor space. We really need a bigger house...put that on the list! Glad everyone had good turkey days. Now its the countdown til Christmas and Hannukah. OY


Melissa32179 - November 27

I just have one thing to say....ouch...ouch..ouch....cry...cry cry...PAIN...MASSIVE PAIN!!!!! Okay so that was few then more. Wisdom teeth SUCK!! But at least I slept ALL day by myself did not even see Ellis until 4ish that afternoon. It was NICE!!! Today sucks though. the nanny should be here soon...I hope because I need to take this pain medicine before I go out back and shoot myself LOL....hope you are all having good days. The littlest ones are now all 4 months old. Can you believe it!!!


suze42 - November 27

melissa, i am so sorry youre in pain!!!! I hope it gets better quick! But it is nice to have a break from the babies. I had nose surgery back when J was 14 mos old and it was great! DH let me heal for a few days...i took vicodin and watched tv...it was great! LOL. But not fun if you have to take drugs and FUNCTION...take advantage of the nanny. Its gonna be a long day here...first of all im majorly PMSing...and then Natalie was up from 2:30am until after 4am this morning...i just layed w/her on the futon while she babbled away. Then the phone rings and wakes us all up at 7a...its my sis asking if I can watch her daughter for 30 min while she goes to the dentist. (her daughter is 12)...I started to tell her we had a bad night and she abruptly told me to forget about it. Shes been doing c___p like that alot to me. i swear Im ready to move out of STL...i need some distance bad. On top of it Jeremy is off school today..and hes been really difficult lately. SOOO....lets just be positive and hopefully it wont be as bad as im thinking. Nat just fell asleep so im going to try to lay down...if Jeremy would stop talking and making stupid noises...i swear i told him he has turrets...lol. Hey at least its SUNNY.


suze42 - November 27

hey ladies....im gonna start a new thread...this one gettin long..again! :)



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