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suze42 - November 27

Here we are....nice clean thread again.


bl - November 27

Melissa, I hope you feel better soon. Can you relax when the nanny comes? Suze, thanks for starting a new thread.Don't let your sister get to you. You have your hands full and I know you have helped her out in the past. It's so funny that we only get a break if we're recovering from something sucky!! I remember feeling relaxed in the hospital before I had Hudson. It felt like the first time I was lying around with people just tending to me. Well ladies, tomorrow is the big 35 for me. It's strange, I don't feel too much (good or bad) about it. I guess I'm so busy, I don't have too much time to think about it! I'm doing something I've never done tomorrow. I'm going with my mom to have a reading from a psychic. She's actually a spiritual healer type of person. A friend of mine went a few months ago to her and the lady told her she was prego with a boy. My friend though no way because she stopped taking the pill 2 months before and never got her period and even went to her dr and she wasn't preg. Anyway, she must have goten preg after that. Just a little strange. I thought it woukd be fun and my sis is watching the kids. Anyway, it will be nice just to be out! Hudson has been doing really well with sleeping and has settled into a definite schedule. I don't feel like such a zombie anymore!


c_baer19 - November 27

Just checking in , DH is working today but off for the next two days. He goes on the night shift (8 PM to 8 AM) starting in December for at least a month, maybe two!!


suze42 - November 27

Christine, how do you feel about DH doing the night shift??? Like ive said a few times...you have such a "i have to do it" att_tude! Youre gonna be one heck of a strong woman by the time you reach my ripe old age...LOL. Brooke, So dh is being a you know what...but you know it will pa__s...besides from your pics he looks pretty cute...so hes forgivable..lol. glad Hudson is sleeping good. Im hoping Nats night was just a fluke...like i said she didnt poop yesterday..so i think she was feeling kinda backed up. Shes had 3 today so hopefully she'll sleep like , well uh a baby.. Rough day with the sis situation. Its hard to find that some one youve looked up to for 40 plus years is actually pretty flawed. I love her, but her life circ_mstances, while tough, have made her less respectful and very full of unrealistic expectations. Ugh...`christine, im beginning to think that being alone in a state with my kids and my DH would be HEAVEN...lol. But my evening has been wonderful. Jeremy found a stencil book and working fanatically since dinner time...We have Jack Johnson playin on on the cd..and its peaceful ...bathtime now for J. Have a nice one everyone. Oh and DH has the crabby girl.


JerseyGirl - November 27

Hope to read all the posts I've missed, on Thursday when I'm done with schlepping in and out of the city. The last day of the conference is tomorrow! It hasn't been bad at all... only hate the fact that since Sunday, I've only seen David for like a total of 4 or 5 hours!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE!! What you're doing sounds like a fun experience - can't wait to hear what the lady says. I kinda always wanted to do that. Anyway, it's 9pm and I better shower and get ready for tomorrow. Talk to you on Thursday. Miss you girls!!


c_baer19 - November 27

Suze, I love Jack Johnson. I even had my dad listen to him once and he even liked him! I think he's great and he has a lot of appeal to all ages.. very relaxing, puts me where I wish I could be.. the beach!! About DH doing the night shift, I don't think it'll be too bad. The only tough part will be that when he comes home, he'll want to sleep all day, and it's not like Alana is quiet all day long, so I just hope I don't have to hear complaints that we're keeping him up. The nights won't be bad, because he usually messes up her nighttime routine when he comes home at 8 anyway, so I have a feeling she'll probably start going down better. At least, those are my hopes! I try to be strong, I just figure life's going to give me what it's going to give me, might as well buck up and make something out of it.. lemonade if you will! If you were to tell my DH that, I'd be willing to bet he'd strongly disagree. For all the things I do and put up with and handle, I don't think he looks at me as a "strong" woman. Oh well! And as far as living along in our own state, I have to admit that I do like it. While I'd like someone to babysit now and then, it is nice to be able to have such an independent lifestyle and really be our own little family, you know?


suze42 - November 27

Hang in there jo , its gotta be a bummer being away from David...but at least its not too often. Im sure you will get big SMILES from him...i now know after the Holiday that Natalie truly knows MOM...she is so easy w/everyone, but whenever i looked over her way or took her from my mom, she would just beam...it was really beyond cool. BROOKE, happy 35...if you want to feel young, just look at me!!! you are a babe, a pup, a young woman. My 92 yr old grandma use to tell me this when I was about your age...it really helped me put in perspective when i thought how long she lived...and i intend on living as long at least...i gott a see my kids have kids! Christine, not to seem rude b/c I dont mean it that way at all...but it doesnt matter what DH thinks or anyone for that matter...you ARE strong simply b/c of the life youre living right now. Youre doing it. Thats all that matters. . Kids are asleep and im watch DWTS finale.


krnj - November 28

Brooke, hope you had a nice bday! 35 didn't really bother me but I think 40 will! We're all sick over here, thanks to dh. Tyler & Christian both have runny noses. I feel a little better today finally. Well I'm gonna get in the shower while it's somewhat quiet over here!


Melissa32179 - November 28

Good Morning Ladies. DH and I just got back from Ellis's 4 month appointment. The little lady weights in at 15 lbs 10 oz and is 25 inches long. All is good with her....doc said if I wanted I could start giving her ceral once a day...have not decided yet and also to let her start crying it out in her crib at night NOW instead of later. I think I will first see if she will sleep in her crib before I make her CIO. She does great at naps but I still have not put her in there at night. Maybe I will start that this weekend??? Other then that my mouth hurts like a you know what. I am totally swollen and bruised so I am going to take some pain killers and ellis and I are off for an afternoon nap. Oh yeah... you would think that since I have eatten like barely NOTHING in 3 days I would have lost some weight...NOPE I have gained a pound. I think some one is out to get me!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE!!!!!!! Wish we could all come celebrate with you. Off to lala land ladies...talk to you soon


bl - November 28

Hi girls, thanks for all the birthday wishes! Suze, thanks for reminding me how young I am. I love it!!! Christine, I give you so much credit for caring for Alana w/ out help. You'll look back one day and realize how strong you really were. Karen, I hope you all get better soon. It seems like we've all had the same thing. Yuck. Melissa, I cringe just thinking about your poor mouth. I hope you get a good nap. Glad Ellis' check went well. Jo, we miss you too! Hudson is going to be 5 months tomorrow. I can't believe it. Well, I'll be back later. I'll let you know what the psychic says.


bl - November 29

How's everyone doing today? I had a nice day yesterday and tonight we're going out with friends for drinks and sushi! My mil is coming over at 5. Is it 5 yet LOL?? Okay, so I went to the psychic adn I'm wouldn't call myself a believer! She didn't even pick up on the fact that I already had kids. Duh, my whole life revolves around my family! Anyway, it was still entertaining. She thought that I might have 5 kids and two who were twins or born close together. First of all my dh would leave me if I even had 4! The strange thing is my mom who was there does have 5 kids and my two sisters are 15 months apart. (My mom got preg 6 months after adopting my sis) Maybe the lady was confused! Melissa, I need to email you for the pa__sword, I took lots of pics last weekend.


krnj - November 29

Hey girls! What is everyone out doing holiday shopping? ;) I'm starting to feel a little better today but I have this annoying cough now. Christian & Tyler still have runny noses. My mom & MIL are both sick too so I've had no help over here! DH thinks he's getting a relapse though, ugh. Brooke, that's crazy about the psychic! Maybe she did have you & your mom confused! I went to a really good one a few years ago, everything she said came true! She even said people's first initials and let me tape record it! My mom's coming tomorrow in the AM & we're going to bbs r us. Hopefully I can get the boys pics taken for Christmas cards. I'm afraid to go out with them by myself with my knee. My cousin's annual Christmas party is Sat, I hope dh & I are well enough to go. It's their last one since they're moving to TN. I have pics to put up on the site too but I'm way too tired tonight!


suze42 - November 29

Howdy gals..Brooke thats so funny about the psychic! I went to one and felt the same way...it was fun but she was a little off. Well, i did a little Christmas shopping this evening...and boy did i need to get out. It was a 2 kid day and Jeremy talked for 9hrs of it...lol. I RAN out of the house after dinner! Anyway we have this little outdoor shopping plaza with Crate and Barrell, Ann Taylor and a just a few others so i took my time and walked the lit up cobblestone street and it was nice...breathed in some good crisp air. Then it was back to reality and a trip to Target for formula and diapers...but even that is okay with no kids. Karen i hope you all get over the colds soon..im pretty sure ours lingered for a total of 3 weeks at least...more annoying than anything else. Natalie is doing really good. She is in size 3 diapers....and bustin out of her 3-6 mos clothes...swimming a bit in the 6-9. Oh i dressed the kids up this morning and took them to the mall...crazy but i had to get out...and we took a pic w/Santa. There was no one in line it was awesome...the pic was so-so...but i took a few more of them by the fountain ...DH is very behind in downloading pics. actually we are both really behind in everything! laundry bills...OY.


JerseyGirl - November 30

Hi girls, I'm back. Not much time to write because I have no nanny until Tuesday (the 3 days she worked this week were Mon-Wed when I was in the city working). Things are good here; David had a great night last night. I heard him like 4 times but never went in there... I heard a short-lived cry, but kept myself parked in the bed and sure enough, he went back to sleep on his own. He is going to crawl any minute. He's up on all fours and rocking back and forth. Definitely before he's 6 months (on 12/13). Max had an allergic reaction to the amoxycillin he was given for a double ear infection, so the other night, my bro, SIL, mom and Max ended up in the ER. Poor little guy had a horrible rash/breakout/welts all over his body. Such a good boy though, didn't really cry (even when the stupid nurse had to fish around for a vein in his hand to put the IV). Anyway, so much to do so I gotta run. Can't believe Hanukkah starts on Tuesday night - I'm not very prepared!!!!


c_baer19 - December 1

BROOKE - I bought that Baby Whisperer book, same one you have. I wish I had bought it a long time ago! A lot of the concepts make a lot of sense, but they should be started earlier. I decided to try the E.A.S.Y. thing today, and though it's not working out to the exact time schedule she suggests, she IS at least not dependent on eating to fall asleep, and I've been stretching out her feeding a little longer than her normal 1-2.5 hours. As for sleep, haven't decided whether or not to use the pick up/put down method or not yet. I will probably start it when DH starts nights so I don't have to worry about waking him up or anything. We got into an argument this morning and then 5 minutes later, he was acting like nothing had happened. I told him how I felt about always being criticized and flawed and how I have to accept all of his flaws, but I don't think he'll actually do anything with the information, lol. He just always says he's tired of things that he doesn't even do.. like sometimes I will bring a sweater home and he doesn't like it much, so I'll take it back or exchange it, and he says he's tired of me doing that. I'm like.. WHAT?!! If you don't want to come and give me an opinion, dont' complain when I return it. Besides, it's not like HE'S having to return it.. I don't get it. He does that about a lot of things. Anyway, I still have work to do, but just wanted to check in. It seems slow lately!


bl - December 1

Christine, I hope the book helps you out. I actually bought it for my sil who's prego. I wish I had read it before I had Charlie!! I don't follow everything, but just things that work for us. I used the p/u p/d method and it did work after a few days. The first day is absoute torture, but it did work. Is your dh complaining about you returning HIS stuff? Oye! Doesn't he know how nice it is for you to do his errends! Well, Hudson has learrned how to screach when he's upset. It's driving me nuts. he's also turned Hannibal Lecter, his teething is outa control, so if you come near him he tries to eat you!!!! Ahhh!! Tonight my mom and I are going into S.F. to see comedian Kathy Griffin. Dh got me the tix as a surprise. She's my favorite! I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.


krnj - December 2

Hey girls. Ugh we had a horrible night! We ended up taking Christian to the ER. He was screaming for 3 hours. I wasn't home, I went to my cousin's party so DH stayed home with the kids. Turns out he's got an ear infection. My mom came & stayed over with Tyler. I really don't want him to catch this! DH & I are still pretty sick. Does anyone know if ear infections are contagious? It's snowing here today, yuck. Hope everyone's having a good weekend!



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