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CassJ - February 6

My friend's dd is 4 months old and she has only gained 2 lbs since birth. She only weighs 9 lbs. The doctor told her that her dd has a failure to thrive. I feel so bad for my friend. She is so upset. Has anyone else dealt with this? Also, she puts honey on her pacifier everyday. I know you aren't supposed to do that so do you think the honey has anything to do with it? thanks


Rhiannon - February 6

Honey is soooooo bad for babies. It can give them botulism which can be fatal. Tell your friend to stop right now.


Ca__sJ - February 6

Yeah, I know. She is more of a church aquaintence so when I saw her giving her baby honey I didnt say anything. Now I feel bad. I called her tonight and told her about honey and botulism and she is really freaked out.


Rabbits07 - February 6

Like Rhiannon said the danger of honey is botulism which is a form of food poisoning. While it's dangerous and it's a very good thing that you informed her that it isn't suppose to be given to babies it's not likely the problem with her baby. Mason was dx'ed as FTT at the end of November (I think) after he fell from the 50th percentiles in both height and weight at 5 months to the 5th for weight and unchartable for height at 8 months. From 5 months to 9 months he only gained 2 lbs. From what I read there can be many causes...sometimes there is a medical problem such as a digestive or metabolic disorder, but from what I read a good majority of the time there is no known cause. In our case the dr. recommended an increase in his caloric intake. Mason started drinking the high calorie drink supplement, Pediasure as well as other high cal baby foods and his weight has increased at his subsequent weight checks. Has the baby's pedi recommended any measures to help the baby gain weight?


Ca__sJ - February 6

She sees just a family physician and he reffered her to a speacialist so she is seeing that doctor this week.


Kara H. - February 6

Most babies who are Dx with FTT are like Rabbits who do great in the beginning then fall off as their calorie needs increase. It is usually a medical problem when the child never gains weight. It can be as simple as the child having a food sensativity or lacking a digestive enzyme. The most serious one I ever heard of was when the baby had a whole between her esphogus and her airway. So a lot of what she ate went into her lungs instead of her stomach - which was painful for her - so she also didn't want to eat. They ended up putting in a Mickey -stomach feeding port - and they are waiting to see if the whole will close itself or if they will have to find a way to close it artificially.


Kara H. - February 6

In your friends case it could be as simple as the kid not liking the taste of b___stmilk/formula after getting regular tastes of something as sweet as honey...


sahmof3 - February 6

Did she tell her doctor about the honey? I know if babies do get the botulism poisoning they can refuse to eat and not gain weight. Hopefully the specialist can figure out the cause!


ash2 - February 6

Hey ca__s, maybe the reason she does not eat is because she is so used to the sweetness of the honey, that anything else tastes really bland...


Ca__sJ - February 6

She didn't know that you aren't supposed to give babies honey apparently. She didn't tell her doctor but she is going to tell the specialist.


AlissaF - February 6

My son was dxed FTT at 4 months because he wasn't gaining any weight even though he was consuming enough calories. He was hospitalized, monitered, and tested and nothing was found to be wrong except that he has a fast metabolism and doesn't like to eat. Now at 7 months he is seen at the hospital's feeding disorders clinic and he is being taught to like eating. He is currently on a really high concentration of formula as well as a extra supplement to help him catch up on his weight gain. One thing to tell your friend is that it is usually not the parent's fault that the child is FTT... the reason just needs to be found!


Rabbits07 - February 7

Is the baby refusing formula or taking very little? Or is she eating fine and still not gaining? Some of the symptoms of botulism poisoning in infants are constipation, general weakness, a weak cry, a poor sucking reflex, irritability, lack of facial expression, and loss of head control. In some cases, the child may have trouble breathing due to paralysis of the diaphragm. In it's later stages respiratory distress almost always occurs. If the baby is refusing formula it could be like Kara and Ash said that it is used to the sweet taste of the honey and formula tastes c___ppy (formula tastes c___ppy anyways, but babies don't seem to realize that in general).


soon2bemomof3 - February 7

my ds is almost 3 months old, at his 1 month check up he had only gained 6 oz. and his 2 month check up was only weighing 8lb. 13 oz. so he is now on a special formula that has more calories in it Enfamil Enfacare with Lipil and he seems to be getting chubbier, we take him to dr. on 19th, i'm curious to see how much he's gained now.



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