Fake Coughing

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eclectic66 - January 24

My ds is 6 months today and he has been doing something new this past week. He does this little cough. It's not like a real cough. It's dry and it almost sounds like someone clearing their throat. He does this a lot , but he never seems bothered and on occasion I have wondered if this is a new "attention" seeking behavior. Thought I read that somewhere, but not sure. Anyway, has anyone had this experience with their lo's?? And no, he has no fever or runny nose or any other signs of illness. Just this little coughing noise...lol


JessC531 - January 24

I recently posted about this. My dd is 5.5 months, and for the past week or two she's been doing that like crazy! It's just a new noise for her. She does it so much, I worry she's going to go hoarse!! LOL. She does it when she's upset and wants me to pick her up, but also when she's happy and "talking" to me. It's pretty cute actually. Others told me their los did it too. So I guess it's normal!


eclectic66 - January 24

Oh thank goodness!!! That is so good to know. Ya, I have to say it is quite cute...lol Sometimes I think he's going to go hoarse as well. Isn't it funny how they come with all these new sounds?? It definetly must be something about their age right now...guess they are figuring out all the new ways to get our attention...lol :-)


kimberly - January 24

Very normal! As they get older they will do it for attention too. I guess because we always say bless you or something when they cough or sneeze they know they can get a reaction from us.


wailing - January 24

My ds started doing this at 5 months too. Then at 5.5 months he did it all the time b/c my in-laws would do it back to him. He eventually stopped and is now onto shaking his head "No" back and forth. Very cute how they find new things to do everyday:)


eclectic66 - January 25

JessC531-I just read your post about this very subject...lol Can't believe I missed that :-) Sounds like all our lo's are right on track with their attention seeking behaviors...hehe


Tracy88 - January 26

My daughter has been doing this for a while. It was cute because at first, I was worried that she was getting sick, but then I noticed that she was doing it on purpose. She loves it when we fake cough as well.


tish212 - January 26

this is so crazy u posted this alexa has learned how to cough and she will do it if grunting doesn't get our attention...its so cute! she coughs these tiny little coughs... she will stop wait to see if we come to pick her up if we don't she will repeat lol...dh makes the raspberry noise at her and she loves it she will smile and her eyes get all big I can't wait till she learns how to do that too...isn't it amazing everything they learn to do at such young ages!



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