Fake Crying

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BeccaBaby1 - July 14

My little monkey girl is 5.5 months old and her personality is really starting to shine.... Buuut she has just learned how to FAKE CRY and it's driving me nuts. I don't want to respond to her when she does it and reinforce that behavior but when I don't respond she starts to really cry. I didn't know this happened so early and I don't know what to do. Help?


schreck - July 14

Does she want or need something when she does the fake crying?


Malica - July 14

Clearly she wants something if it escalates to a "real" cry -- she wants you. Crying is her only way to tell you that she wants to be held or wants to make sure you're close by or is bored and wants you to entertain her. It's not a "fake" cry -- her need for you is just as real as her need for food or sleep.


BeccaBaby1 - July 15

I should have been more clear about me responding to her. It isn't like I am plunking her down on the floor for hours of play by herself, often she'll do it when I am holding her, playing with her, cuddling with her etc. Certainly I am not limiting her mom time - we are happily together all day long. I realized though yesterday after posting, that this is a stage in her communication development and instead of letting it bother me I am proud of how she is learning to tell me what's up...


Crystal83 - July 15

She must of got some kind of rewarding reaction from you when she first did it and now she keeps trying all the time to do it. My lo is 10 months now, but she has been fake coughing since she was about 6 months old. We all laugh at her and imitate her when she does it and she thinks it's hilarious. Maybe you should try to imitate her when she does her fake cry and make it into something that is funny for her to do and that might help to seperate it from her turning it into a real cry because you aren't reacting to her. Good luck, it is a pa__sing phase.


britt_m - July 15

becca my dd started doing it around that age. She still does it, a lot of times I'll be cooking dinner and she'll be watching and faking crying, or when she gets sleepy. Altho shes getting into more trantrum type things these days and it'll start with a fake cry if she don't get her way the first time. Shes 13 months. It is a stage as they realize some things aren't worth "really" crying over, haha!


BeccaBaby1 - July 15

Thanks Crystal and Britt. Yeah, it is for sure a means of getting attention... for example yesterday she was sitting up on her play matt but then toppled over and bumped her head on one of her toys. She cried and I quickly scooped her up to comfort her. Later she was playing again and toppled over but fell on a pillow... it was obvious she was not hurt but she wanted the same reaction as before so she gave me a contrived little AH AH AH! Clever little lady.



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