Family Members Trying To Tell You How To Raise Your Baby

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mommie2b - July 8

I have 2 olders sisters both have 2 kids of there own but every since I had my son they have tried to be bossy and try to tell me how to raise my son and I am not suppose to take him outside cause its to hot and I do not know what to do about it anyone else have this problem? what can I do to get them to stop?


AprilMum - July 8

I have a step-mother that does this. Except she doesn't talk to me, she "talks" to the baby. I come over and she instantly wants to be holding her, and she'll say in a sugary high pitched voice, "Oh, did your mommy dress you too warm today?!?!" ... she does this with every aspect of taking care of my daughter. I have so far just shrugged it off as best I can, because I figure it happens to everyone - but it's getting old really fast, and I think I'm going to have to just be rude.


TC - July 8

OMG mil does the same thing. I just want to smack her in the head sometimes. Or sometimes she says to my son, "Tell Mommy that you don't have on enough clothes" or whatever the issue is....*rolling eyes* Mommie2b, maybe you can have a heart to heart with them. Possibly tell them that you want to get the opportunity to figure out what is best for your LO just like the figured out what was best for their children. I wish you the best.


krnj - July 8

Hi girls, I have a mil that does the same thing & it drives me nuts!!! I just try to ignore her half the time.


lindsay - July 8

hey mommie-- personally, if my sisters p__s me off , i let them know about it! i figure if i can't tell my sisters of all people what's up, then when can i stand up for my own opinions, etc...? i know everyone's circ_mstances are different, but for me, i would just tell them you appreciate their concern, but you're ethan's mommy... plus, you have a daughter, it's not like you've never done this before!!!


mommie2b - July 9

Its like they think I am going to hurt my son or something and I would never do that. My sister told me and my mom the other day we was cruel cause he was crying it was not a loud or hurt crying but just fussing but she said we was cruel for not running over there and picking him up. And now he is so spoiled he will not lay down unless someone lays with him. what to do


Layla - July 9

I have that problem with my mom. My ds is my first so I do appreciate her help and advice but it does get plain old annoying sometimes. Like if i'm holding him and he starts to cry she'll come over and say to him in her baby voice "Whats mommy doing to the baby? Mommy's not holding you right." then take him from me! It drives me nuts. Or she'll say to him mommy didnt do this right or mommy didnt do that right. I dont want to hurt her feelings but it has GOT to stop!


Lindsey - July 9

When George cries I tend to leave him for a few minutes before going to him, i do this as sometimes he is just having a winge and within 5 minutes he is back to sleep. Well when i'm at my parents my mum and sister will make comments about going to him straightaway. My sister did this with her 2 kids and they were so clingy to her and wouldn't sleep unless she was holding them or she was in their bed. My eldest niece is 6 and sometimes even now she wants my sister in her bed before going to sleep.


sahmof3 - July 9

I have a SIL who does this and I could slap her because she never even had kids of her own. Also, when my older two are squabbling or cranky, she's like, "Well, it's lucky I'm not running the show, I would never put up with that." What nerve!?!


Narcissus - July 10

wow. i would be annoyed and don't blame any of you for feeling upset about these busybodies & their remarks. AprilMum, if I was in your shoes, I would pick up my child and say to him, "is grandma behaving rudely again?". In a sweet voice, of course! mommie2b - have you been able to speak with your family about this? Have you flat out asked them to stop? I think that is the first step. The next step is to hang out with them less or simply shrug it off by tuning them out.


kvilendrer - July 10

i have a few family members who do this. Every time I do anything, they are correcting me...telling me what i should be doing. Their kids are the ones who are out of control. My son is the best little boy! So, after I got upset about it and we all hashed it out, I told them I didn't want any more advice from them unless I asked for it. I told them that I didn't agree with some of the things they did with their kids, but I didn't say anything about it. So they should let ME be the parent! To make it worse, it was my husband's family. My family thinks I'm a great mother. It doesn't bother me all that much because I know that I'm a much better parent than they are. They allow their kids to go near outlets and stand on tables and put their fingers in the VCR. They say they are just exploring!!! I would never let my child hurt himself like that!


charliepaulchloe - July 10

mommie2b- in ur sisters defence i think they are just trying to pa__s down things they have learnt themselves but i know what ur saying though my big sis had 2 girls b4 i had my girl 18mths after her youngest and she would be pa__sing on her 'advice' to me, i wouldnt mind but i virtually brought her 2 up as she went back to work. but i can be guilty of them same thing when my sil had my nephew i would pa__s advice on to her. try telling them nicely that u know ur baby better than anyone and if u do get stuck u will ask them. i am now expecting #2 girl and my big sis couldnt believe it when i asked s_x of baby, she did exactly the same thing with her second lol. good luck hope it works out for you. xx



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