Fat Baby

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mayaB - June 21

my baby is 5 weeks old. I've been weighing him weekly and he's gaining way too much weight. At 5 weeks he has gained 2 kg. (4.4 lb) since birth. I'm br___tfeeding. my doctor didnt say much about this.. But I was wondering if you ladies knew anything about babies that gained a lot of weight.. can it be a problem? I think I produce too much milk... since he chokes and coughs while eating, plus I leak a lot, plus my beasts are always very full. Anyone w/ a similar experience know how to control this? Thank you!


Rabbits07 - June 21

How often is he eating? That is alot of weight to gain in one month (I don't know that a doctor would actually worry about it though), but with him just being b___stfed, there's really nothing to cut down on. How much did he weigh at birth? As far as milk production...are you pumping or anything in between feedings? I ask because some women do that thinking it will help with the engorgement, but the more baby nurses/b___sts are pumped, the more milk is made. If you aren't pumping I would just give it some time, your body will eventually adjust to how much milk your baby is taking and make only what he needs. Alot of babies choke and cough while nursing especially if you have a real strong letdown reflex. My ds still gets overwhelmed sometimes and he is almost 12 weeks old. He choked alot when younger and when he pulled off the b___st I would allow some of the milk to run into a b___st pad..this would give the flow time to slow down and he didn't have as hard of a time. I also reas that when the milk lets down you can apply a small amount of pressure to the top or side of the b___st and this causes the nipple to tilt in their mouth so the milk doesn't hit the very back of their throat and they won't choke (I tried this and it didn't work for us, but it may for you). All in all I don't thik you really need to worry, it sounds like you've just got a healthy baby on your hands! ;-D


mayaB - June 21

He eats every 3-4 hours just as he should. he weighed 3.6 kg (7.9 lb) at birth. I think he looks a healthy cute fat, but I do realize that 4.4 lb in a month is too much.. he'll hopefully slow down now. I was told that the milk is probably also very nutritious.. making him fat. Thank you Rabbits for the adivce!!


luvbendict - June 21

My son's pedi says there is no way to overfeed b___stfed baby because the baby will get as much as he wants and will stop when he is full. My ds choked a lot too when he was young. He would cried , pulled off for a while and I covered my b___st with the pad until the let down stop. Then I would offer him again. When I felt my b___sts were too full I would pump for a little bit just to relieve it. As my baby got older he took more milk and I rarely feel full anymore.


ry - June 21

Hi maya, my lo (12 weeks now) was the same way, at her 1 month app.she gained almost 4 lbs and at 2 months she almost doubled her birth weight. She is b___stfed too. Shes in the 84th percentile for her weight, which is crazy considering she was in the 14th when she was born and I am very pet_te, but the docs say she is very healthy so I guess its good (jus tnot on my back! :)



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